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New Sidewalk

New Sidewalk

We got a new sidewalk. A meandering walkway to allow access to cars.

Coming Together

We have the three chick coops in place. The 26th is when our local farm stores will have some baby chicks. We have also ordered our worms for composting, the first batch baked. 😦 We also have bees that will be here soon. The bee box will be here first, and we have a little home for it. Since it needs the right combination of warmth and shade.

Ta da…IMG_3345

Chicken Neighborhood

So, we got our other two chicken coops. Now, we have a total of three chicken coops. We could have a total of 24 chickens with these three coops. We want the chickens to be comfortable. Next up, is making the little neighborhood for the chickens. We are going to fence the area in, and allow the gate to be opened for them to bust out of the hood to visit other areas.

When we went to pick up the chicken coops we took our trailer to slide both of them in, but they wouldn’t fit. We had to pick them up one at a time. Since we are all OCD, they are all lined up, and ready to put in a more permanent location.


Cloud Porn

Today we had a little bit of rain. The aftereffect of the rain was the beautiful clouds throughout the day on the ranch…



Today, I finally saw the illusive pigs that people talk about here in the country. I was driving on the beautiful curvy road, and right on the hill by one of my favorite homes there was a HUGE black pig. As I was taking in the experience, and feeling proud of my little country moment there were three more pigs in the road right in front of me. OMG! I was so excited!!! One little ruby pig kept running his little heart out, and would leap into the fence, then bounce right off the fence. I am sorry, but I thought it was funny. I could not wait to tell another person that I saw the pigs. I tweeted about the experience, since I did not see any people for a while.

I did get to share my experience with the family at dinner time this evening. I can’t help it…it was exciting to see piggies in the road. LOL!

Ranch Work

We have been working hard here on the ranch. There are always lots of jobs. I recently purchased some chimes for the trees around the house. I just had to have something new in the yard. I even bought some “kinetic sculptures” for the yard. Mind you, we have no grass, we are waiting for the landscape designer to start his work. That will all begin on Monday. My husband has been hard at work making the driveway turn circle. He has also plowed the 42 acres. We have taken up all the old fencing too. Like I said…We always have stuff to do.

We are so excited about the pipes going in, this means that I get to have the fountain that I have been wanting so bad. It will look so nice in the front. I will have to take some photos this weekend.

Alright, I got to get my calendar in order. How is your new year?

Country Problems

Today, as my daughter and I were coming home we saw two little dachshunds coming down the mountain. We stopped, and the next several cars behind us stopped. Two girls grabbed the little brown one, but the little black one with a collar and shiny tag ran down the hillside. We tried to catch the the dog, but could not get to it. It is a pretty steep hill. By the time the black dog disappeared there were at least 5 other cars full of people that had stopped to help us find the little thing. 

Every single car that came by us stopped to see if we were ok, and asked if there was anything they could do to help. The girls that caught the brown dog kept him with them. My daughter and I went to the near by ranches to tell them to watch out for a small dog just in case it came to their house. None of the ranches had anyone home, or at least if they were on the property they were not at their main house. 

Once we got home we told our neighbor the story so she could call any neighbors that might know who the small dogs belong to in the area. My hope is the poor thing can hide from the wild animals, and find a home that can help. 

Warm Wishes

We celebrate Christmas at our ranch. It doesn’t matter what you are celebrating, we just hope that you and your family have a warm season of giving. We are proud to be Christians. Although I realize that celebrating the birth of Jesus at this time is not historically accurate. Jesus would have more than likely been born in the spring, when we celebrate Easter. Christmas as we know it is more of a mix of pagan holidays. Before you get yourself in a ruffle, let me explain…The church had to appease the pagans in some way, so the major holidays of the time were mixed together to create Christmas. Saturnalia, was a Roman holiday that was celebrated for 7 days. Gifts were given to family and friends. Candles were lit as a symbol to seek knowledge and truth. This is also a time of the Winter Solstice. Sol Invictus was celebrated on the 25th. The birthday of the unconquered sun was another holiday the Roman celebrated. Evergreen trees were brought inside, as well as garlands of evergreen. Candles were hung on the trees.  Just as we decorate our Christmas tree. As the early Christians layered the holidays so the pagans were more apt to accept Christianity.  I do understand the importance of such an undertaking. This knowledge has no impact on my belief in Jesus. These fact only make my faith stronger. I like the fact that Christianity is interwoven with historical beliefs. It only makes it that more interesting. The Winter and Spring solstice holidays were celebrated as far back as 4000 years beginning with the Mesopotamians.

Jesus born more than 2000 plus years. It would have been easy for him to utilize his anger against the Romans, but he spoke of love. His own people turned against him. He stayed strong! He was murdered, yet as he was dying he ask for forgiveness for those that killed him. Now, at the time of Jesus and shortly after there were many other religions and cults that were fighting to be THE religion. One of the main aspects that made Christianity so different was everyone was equal once they came together to celebrate the life of Jesus. Equality, although we think of this as a more modern concept, it was in existence for the Christians that celebrated in secret. It is almost a miracle in itself that we still worship someone born so long ago. He was a peaceful person, and a political activist. In the depth of his parables he utters love, peace, and understanding of one another. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“Jesus Papyrus” by Mathew D’ Ancona is very interesting as it finds eyewitness accounts of Jesus. The manuscripts were found in Oxford Univeristy, three scrapes found that were a bequest for Oxford. The gospel of Matthew chapter 26 were the parts that were found. The words that are found on the paper are thought to be real words that Jesus spoke. It would be a pretty great world if all of us could be a little more like Jesus. Even if a person is not Christian they can at least appreciate a man of such magnitude! Merry Christmas to you all!


More New Developments

Soon we will have workers in the front yard working to getting the landscaping done. I am most looking forward to having my Italian Cypress trees, and the fountain. I would love to have some fish in the fountain, and some water lilies. I just need to find that perfect one for our place. IMG_3077


When it is cold here, it is even colder all over the rest of the country. We have had temps fall down to 11. The afternoons warm up to the 40’s and 50’s. Next week we may get up to the 80’s by Sunday. I know, it is not that bad, we are just not used to these cold temps. I really don’t mind so much, since there is sunshine that comes over the ridge first thing in the morning. I love being warmed by the sun. Right about six the sun goes down, and we have evenings like this…IMG_3169