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Do You Feel Squeamish?

This is a close up of thousands of pieces of bubble gum left by people at “Bubble Gum Alley”, in San Luis Obispo, California. Bubble Gum alley is thought to be around since after WWII. It is thought the gentlemen would leave their gum in the alley, and then Cal Poly students got more creative with adding letters and numbers. I have to be honest…although I think it is a “fun” spot for others I could not venture into the area. I did get this photo from my sister. My daughter and sister were “brave” enough to enter the alley and add their gum to the historical alley. IMG_0132

Some Free Time

We wanted to have a moment to enjoy, so we went to the zoo. There is a small zoo in Atascadero, California, and we love zoo’s! It was really nice to experience some r&r. Looks like this little guy needed some r&r too. IMG_2579

Oh Dear, It Is A Deer

The day we had a wind storm there was a deer lying in the grass. I took several photos, and this one is the one I believe is the most beautiful. IMG_2356

Betty Crocker

Here is Betty Crocker in the yard looking for food. My kids named her Betty Crocker, which I find hysterical. So, I thought I would share with all of you. IMG_2206

Barns, Beautiful Barns


New Views

I must admit, I really love doing something different. My husband knows I really love taking the back roads to get to a destination. He tries to plan ahead to take us for a nice drive when we are traveling, and I so appreciate it. One of my favorite things to do is take photographs of our travels. IMG_2125

As we were on this road a bee got into the cab of the truck. My daughter saw the bee right beside her on the seat. She ask me “Momma, do you have a hankie that I use to pick up this bee so I don’t kill him?” First, I looked for a tissue so we could let him go out the window. My husband in the mean time got his hankie out so she could use his. I found my hankie in my purse, and handed that one to her. I did not want his hankie to get dirty. She picks up the bee, and I gently take the hankie with the bee inside and let him go out the window.

We don’t like to kill insects. OMG! I have gone CALIFORNIA!


When I was at the ranch I got up at 5am every morning. We had all kinds of wildlife playing in the front yard. Here are the bunnies I saw at 6 ish.IMG_1947

What Will I Miss?

There is so much to love about the Bay Area. The food in the Bay Area is extraordinary. One of my favorite places to go for lunch with friends is Fornaio. This one is in Walnut Creek, California. It is a great shopping alternative to SF, and the bonus of being sunny. IMG_2198

Fierce Bathroom

Yep! I can’t wait to take a bath in my six foot tub. IMG_1678