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Gone Too Early

Our family friend Matizella often joined us for Sunday dinner with my MIL. She was beautiful both inside and out, and a sweet disposition. She came to America with other family members, and worked her way up the ladder. She saved money to send  for each one of her family members. Once they arrived in America she would help them find a job, and each one went to college.Picture 17

This photo is when my daughter turned 2 years old. We had no idea at the time that this would be one of the last times we would see her. One of the harsh lessons of life, every moment is precious!

My mother in law and Martizella were very close. She was like a daughter my mother in law never had. The two of them went on vacation together, and the two of them had a spat over something trivial. One of them wanted to do something the other did not and they did not speak to each other. Then one day…It was very, very, hot that day. I finally had some alone time. My husband took the kids out so I could spend some time alone. I wanted to watch a foreign flick, so I watched “Italian For Beginners”. It is not a movie you want to watch with children, barking dogs, or any other distracting elements. Anyway, I was really getting into the movie when the phone started to ring, ring, and ring. It must be important since this person is unrelenting with the phone calls.

I went to answer the phone. “Hello”, I hear nothing on the other end…”Hello”, I say with a sarcastic, questioning tone. Martizella ask me “Can you talk?” I tell her “Not right now, I am trying to watch a movie that I have wanted to see for a while now.” She then says “Alright, I will call you at another time.” I start to get back into the movie. The phone starts again..I answer, and it is Martizella. I ask her, “Can this wait?” She says, “No, I can’t wait!” This is very important. I sit down on the stool by the phone. She proceeds to tell me “I have an advance stage of cancer, and it is terminal.” What? YOU HAVE CANCER? Yes, she says. I don’t know how long I have to live. I want you to make me a promise. OK! What is it that you want me to do? She then tells me that she doesn’t want me to tell my mother in law that she is sick. I promise her that I won’t tell her.

My husband arrives home, and he ask me what is wrong. I tell him about Martizella, and he says that he will be the one to tell his mom. He tells her, and she says “Oh great, she gets sicker than I am.” The two of them never spoke to each other again. My mother in law died before Martizella, and she was too sick to come to the funeral of my MIL. The two of them had cancer at the same time, and instead of being friends to the end they never shared the love they felt for one another. Every moment we have on earth is time to forgive each other and move forward. We all have our flaws, when we say sorry we need to accept the apology instead of waiting for the “right” apology. We are human, we make mistakes.

Love each other!

No More

When my children were young, we would often go to the library, Market, and a local toy store. Actually, my husband and I went to the toy store before we even had our first baby. It was a special toy store, and there was never a time that we entered the store then left the place empty handed.

My husband had to leave for a business trip, so I took the kids to the toy store. I took the stroller since my daughter was still young. We went to the bakery and purchased  fresh cup cakes. The kids ate the cup cakes as we listened to BART roar over us. Our little outing then ended with our toy store visit. There is a car track that is set up for children to play with while their parents shop, but my kids like to look at whatever I was viewing. Out of all the beanie babies, lego’s, and balls, my kids wanted brooms. I promise! It is true. I have photos!

We stroll back home with the brooms, and the kids can’t wait to use them. They sweep the sidewalk going home. My daughter wants to sweep as she is pushed in the stroller. She was under three, I did not push anyone in the stroller past three years of age. Logitech Exif JPEG

Once we got home…I fed the children, and then they wanted to sweep the house. I started taking photos of my daughter, and she got so mad. She kept saying “NO MORE PHOTOS”, but she looked so cute I could not resist. She would not let go of her broom. I know the kids had those brooms for a long time. They even graduated to vacuum cleaners. Hey, they were amazing little helpers. It was fun aggravating them every once in a while. Don’t judge me!

Spring Break

The last few weeks the whole family has been in the stages of prepping for Spring Break. Since we are also in the process of moving to the country we all know it is going to be a change. We want the kids to transition into being country kids instead of city kids. We want them to be respectful of the environment and understand how important it is to not be a wasteful person. Since the kids were young we have had worm composting in our backyard. My son has got into worm composting so much he has plans to make it his first business. I am a proud mom. IMG_1794


With views like we have it is not too hard to appreciate the beauty. Seeing all things as beautiful is not that hard either. Worms have a special place in our delicate ecosystem. Even though we worked all of Spring Break we had a wonderful time being together as a family. Now, we have to find a way to transport our worms and allow them to have some transition time. LOL!

Anima Issa

When I moved to California I brought only a few things with me. My bike, roller blade, 1 suitcase of clothes, and Anima Issa. My little Maltese was so adorable. I just loved her so much. When she and I lived in Indy, I would often take her with me shopping. When we flew out to California I was allowed to keep her in my lap. Everyday we would go for walks before I went to work we took a walk in Golden Gate Park. In the evening we went for another walk. On the weekend we had more time to spend in the park walking around and skating. I remember one time I had an I. U. sweatshirt and this car full of guys yelled out of their car “You oughta go home little girl, and your little dog too!” I swear it makes me laugh to this day.

One sad time we had in S.F. was when Anima was attacked by a Chow Chow. We were walking out the house, and this huge black Chow Chow came right up to Anima and swung her around in it’s mouth. I kicked the dog for it to let go of Anima. There was blood everywhere. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I yelled for help, and this lady came out of nowhere. She told me to get Anima and jump in her car. I did just that, and we went to the vet by Golden Gate Park. They were not sure she was going to make it. She has a lung punctured and they had to perform surgery. She had a long recovery, but I was allowed to bring her to the museum with me everyday. Logitech Exif JPEG

Once I got married Anima had to get used to having a German Shepard “Emma” as a step sister. The two of them got along, thank goodness. The funniest part of their relationship was when Emma would allow Anima to bark for her. The two of them would bark together by the iron gate, then Anima would run to the front yard. Anima was small enough to fit under the fence, so she would continue the barking up close and personal. Then she would come back and the two of them would sit together.

She was here for both of them kids when they were younger and when we went through the renovation of our home. She got to live a full life. Her name mean “Spirit” in Latin. Issa was the name of Publius’s dog, and his dog was a Maltese. When I read Martial (the Roman poet), and saw the name Issa I knew I had to have a dog with that name. She was a great dog!

Blooming Artist

I so enjoy art. Enjoy finding an artist and helping the artist find their way. I know one very special artist, my daughter. She is only a teenager, but she really puts her heart and soul into her work. If she chooses to become an artist I am sure she will be terrific at it.

Both of my children enjoyed art at a young age. My daughter just excelled at it on a different level.Logitech Exif JPEG

Santa Barbara Mission Report

Children that live in California complete a project all about one of the 21 Missions that are line the coast. My son wanted to write his report on Santa Barbara. The report not only includes a written report, but the children have to build a scale model of the Mission, Make a Movie, and a few other options. My son opted for the movie project.

We made the trip to the very lovely Santa Barbara Mission. We had a great family weekend. We took video and lots of photos. We purchased some extra books, and a few souvenirs. One of the souvenirs I purchased for myself was a bell. My son really wanted it. I kept telling him no, no, no. I did buy him a small one, but he really wanted the big one.

Finally, I thought I would make him a deal. If he did all of his paper by himself and got an A, I would give him the bell. We shook on it. A couple days had passed, and I was feeling rather confident that the best he was going to do was a B. He got an A on the paper. The bell is one of his favorite possessions. IMG_2121

The Animals

Aging is a beast of it’s own. Getting older has lead to more contemplation of deeper aspects of life. How we perceive ourselves, and how we change old thought patterns. In the early years of my development I listened to what people said, look them in the eye to understand what they were saying. Watching their facial cues, and more listening. Spending time alone to think, just being in the moment of where I was at the time.

When I read the book “Where ever I go there I am” had a profound effect on me. I was working at the time at an archives department. It was a job that I did not care for too much, however I was grateful that I had a job. As soon as it was my break, I read my book. After a while I started interacting with my fellow workers. To my surprise, I started to enjoy being there. I knew this wasn’t my dream job, it was a moment in my life that I had to do this job. Making the most of the job at hand made the day go by faster, and I got closer to my fellow workers.

Animals live in the moment that they are given. I was recently reading research that says that dogs pick up on our facial cues. They are more intuitive than once believed. Research also says that paying attention opens more of our mind to learn. Could it be that animals are becoming more intelligent by being around humans, listening, and picking up on our cues?

I am not sure, I do know being around animals has taught me so much. I want to believe they have learned something from us too.


Bitter Sweet

As June quickly approaches I am compelled to remember all those moons ago when we went through renovation on the house that we have loved all these years. After we had our daughter we realized that we would need more space for our children to grow, and places to put all those extras that children and husbands accumulate. LOL! We hired an architect, and it took us a while to find the right construction person that we wanted to work with for months on end. Mark Rolandelli was the gentleman that we chose to go with because he really cared about the job. He went under the house and looked around. He saw that we had a little baby, and instead of telling us that it had to be done right away he suggested we wait a little while. We went with his suggestion. One of his quotes that I will never forget was “You can’t wait for me to get here because I am not here, but once I get here you not going to get rid of me fast enough.”

His team was great. They were here at seven am, and left at 4pm. It took 10 months to get the house done. So many memories in this house. I thought this house was going to be our forever home. I think Mark really hit the nail on the head “This is just a house, your family is where ever the family’s love is.” Such wisdom! Logitech Exif JPEG

Super Busy

We are just so busy these days that I haven’t had time to write. Since the kids go to private schools there are interviews for the children, and for parents. Since the kids have gone back to school since the holidays there has not been a break.

Meetings, meetings, meetings. Trying to keep up with my own life, and no time to document it.

Since we have been to the ranch to walk around, we always see something interesting. This last time we saw a paw print of a mountain lion. There have been sightings of a mountain lion with her cubs. Boy, I will tell you we have seen some incredible sights. A hawk taking off with a snake in it’s beak. The snake was wiggling to free itself. An Elk was running by my son as we were on our way to the gate. A rattlesnake was by the gate, and I took a photo of it. We have seen a snowy white owl, and I have some of the feathers it left behind at the barn.

So, hopefully soon, I will get back to writing and reading blogs visitors that visit mine. I just have to find a way to get more than 24 hours out of a day. IMG_0845

Blogging Tips!

On the first round of Bloggy Boot Camp going around the United States I attended the one that came to San Francisco. It was so much fun. At the time I had more than 400+ followers, and then I learned that I may be infringing on the name of a town. I changed my name twice since then, so now I am starting from scratch. I also moved from Blog spot to WordPress.

Now, I have even learned that I have to get back out there in the blog world. Comment to others, but try not to go overboard with comments. As much as I would like to comment on 100 of the links that should not be my goal. Just commenting on a few is a better than going mad. Really, I have to fight it!

Summation…choose a name that is not taken by anyone else.

If you are going to switch from blogger to WordPress tell your followers over and over in case they are infrequent followers.

Network, but don’t go crazy. You have a life, and this is not a race.