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Christmas Catalogs

I don’t know about you, but we are inundated with catalogs during the holiday season. How do you deal with all the catalogs?

I recycle the catalogs, and ask each of them not to send them. In all honesty, I do enjoy them, thumbing through them as my husband watches Star Trek (again, and again, I know the dialog). I have my tea in one hand the the other is holding my catalogs.

One of the things I do is take photos of what I want, or what I want to give to people for Christmas. Here is a photo of the tin I am going to be sending to my family across the country. Guittard chocolates in a tin. I try to send things to people that are from California especially the SF area since that is where I first lived when I came out to California.

Let me know what you do with your catalogs. IMG_0662

Another Story

When we go on our road trips I love it that my husband is willing to go off the beaten path. I often will ask “Can we go…”, or we see an antique store, or a road that looks less traveled we try it.

Just recently I saw a sign for the Parkfield Graveyard. I asked if we could go see it. I was a ways down a road that looks like very few people travel. Maybe only a few locals, no people have left any fresh flowers on any of the graves. There were many I took photos of that day, however there was one that got my attention the most. Leo B. Radcliff. He was laid to rest in 1959, and his flag was destroyed. It was still there, just barely holding to the plastic stick that it was attached to all those years ago. I can only imagine the years that flag has endured. I wonder what kept the family from coming back to visit this gentleman that served our country many years ago. IMG_2837

One Nice Present

Mothers Day 2007 my husband took me to the Lexus dealer. I finally got to trade in my mini van for something I wanted. The color of Lexus I wanted just came in the night before, and they hadn’t even taken the plastic off the seats. I was so excited. I asked our sells man if I could have a bow on my Lexus. He told me “We only do that for Christmas.” I told him…”This is a special day for Mom’s all over the world. I want a bow or I will go somewhere else to get a car.” He then told me “We will get your bow.”

Since it was Sunday, they had to call someone with the keys to the shop to get the bow. They asked me if it would be ok if they got a different bow since they would have to call the guy in that had the day off to get the key. Are you kidding me? No, I said…I want the bow.” The guy came in, and put the bow on the Lexus for me. Photo_050607_001

Lou Lou In The Washer

I am going to tell you a story, so don’t judge me. My daughter had an ugly doll that she named Lou Lou. I don’t know where she came up with the name, she just liked it. She always had Lou Lou with her, however Lou Lou was always naked. One time my daughter decided to give Lou Lou a bath. She gave her a bath, and her head filled with water. As my daughter ran with Lou Lou everyone could hear the splashing of the water inside Lou Lou’s head.

The water inside of Lou Lou’s head began to stink. I was afraid that the water would somehow leak out of Lou Lou’s head and spread it’s contaminated water on my daughter.

I came up with a plan to get rid of Lou Lou. I purchased an American Girl doll for her, and hid it in the basement. I took a baby asprin and crushed it. I placed the crushed baby asprin in a bag in the envelop along with a note that I had written. When the mail came that day I acted as if I had got the letter from our mail carrier.

I gasped as I read the letter. The kids wanted to know what the contents of the letter said, and what was in the envelop. I read the letter…

Dear Parents,

We wish to bestow upon you some fairy dust. We limit the amount of fairy dust that we give to the “mortal population”, so much care must be taken when handling this fairy dust. Since we have observed such sweet behavior of your children we are offering you one wish with this fairy dust. Please do not handle the fairy dust until you are ready to make your wish.

Much love,

The fairies

I told the kids…”We have to be very careful.” then I ask them “What do you think we should ask for a wish? My son responds right away…”I think we should ask that people everywhere have food to eat.” WOW! How was I going to get from feeding the world to getting rid of the doll with the stagnant water? I told them…Well, I think that is a great wish, however this is a wish for something for you two. I don’t believe fairies have the power to feed everyone.  My daughter said…I want to make Lou Lou better. My son said that he couldn’t think of anything he wanted for himself, so lets make Lou Lou better.

We took the “fairy dust”, and Lou Lou downstairs. We added Lou Lou and the “fairy dust” to the washer. I told the kids to cross their fingers. We all went back upstairs. I told them I heard something downstairs, so I better go check to see what it was. I opened the washer took out Lou Lou, and put her in the trash. I took the American Doll out, and put her in the dryer. (I did not turn on the dryer)

A little later the kids were ready to go see what the “fairy dust” had done to Lou Lou. We all looked in the washer…I exclaimed “Oh My Gosh, Lou Lou is gone. My son said, “lets look in the dryer. He opens the dryer and says, What the heck is this? It kinda looks like Lou Lou.” My daughter picks up the doll, looks at it and says “this is Mianna.” I was floored! She just made up that name out of the blue. Mianna went on to be a part of her life after that episode.

Have you made up stories to get rid of things?

Color Shopping

Before consturction began on our house in the Bay Area we would go shopping of sorts. We would get into our car, and go to Piedmont, CA to look for just the right color. We knew we wanted a yellow hue. There are just so many of them out there, and we wanted to find the right balance. Our neighborhood was filled with white homes. We thought our neighborhood could use some color.

When we told my Mother In Law she was not happy. She thought we were going to embarrass her. Later she would tell us that she too wanted to change the color of her house. We liked the color she wanted for her house, but she never got to change it. We are going to use the color she wanted for her on our current house. It will be a tribute to her to paint our current house her color.

Anyway, we found the house, and there were no apps that would tell the color of the house. We had to do it the old fashion way…ask. I knew I would have to be the one to ask, so I went up to the door. Actually, it was the gate. I asked “Do you know the name of the color of your beautiful home?” The lady of the house replied “I do not know for sure the name of the color, but I can ask our construction supervisor.” I then asked if she would like to have my phone number so she could call me, and tell me the name of the color. She took my phone number, but weeks passed. I lived close to the house, so we went for a Sunday drive to the house. It was house stalking. LOL! From the intercom she told me…”I am glad you drove by, I lost your phone number. The color is called Desert Gold with 30% white.” Oh, thank you, I replied. Here is the house I color stalked…Picture 12

The Door

We had our house under construction for 10 very long months. We had to go find a door that we wanted, and thought fit the house. Our house had European flare, so we wanted that reflected in the door. We spent a lot of time looking online before we went out looking for the one.

We saw there was one in the Moraga, Orinda CA area, so we set out to see the showroom ourselves. When we got there it was raining, so we told our very small children to shake off their umbrellas, and put them in the umbrella stand before we went inside. The older gentleman had a tin foil hat on his head. In the beginning I was thinking maybe he saw we had small children and he was being entertaining in his own way. One thing you learn really quick in California is…Don’t ask too many questions you don’t want the answer.

As we talked about the VERY high price of the door. We talked about how the door came from a forest where the people of the forest are giving their share. Hence, this was the reason for the high price. We were then talking about the opening, and the measurements, and still he had on the foil hat. I was wondering when he was going to be funny. Then my son, he was about three at the time ask the question all of us were dying to know. Why do you have the foil hat on your head?

Oh boy, he then stated to tell us that since it was raining the aliens had special powers that could get into our heads. My son covered his head. I told my son “he is just kidding.” The little old man then started to explain the seriousness of the situation, and how I should protect the children.  Always know where your foil is!! OMG!

My daughter started getting cranky, and he said the littlest one is feeling the vibrations from the aliens. I gave my husband the LOOK. He then politely told the gentleman that we had to go. He even accompanied us to the car. Picture 1

So sometimes if something bizarre happens we will ask “You know where your foil is?”

Bob The Builder

When my children were young they did not watch too much television, but my son loved Bob The Builder. At the time Bob The Builder was on television we were having our house renovated. The whole house was jacked up, I mean literally, the jacks were all around the house as the basement was being dug out by the contractors.

Everyday for ten months we had to get up early, and I had to take the children outside to  play all day. We had a picnic everyday, and the kids did art and plant projects. One day, my son really did not want to go outside to do anything. He did not want his vehicle to be moved from it’s parking space…so being the mom I am I grabbed the camera. Here is how it went down that day.

He refused to leave the vehicle…

Logitech Exif JPEG


Still not going…Logitech Exif JPEG


Don’t MOVE BOB!!!Logitech Exif JPEG


This is not the parking space!

Logitech Exif JPEG


I am getting MAD!

Logitech Exif JPEG


YOU can’t catch me!

Logitech Exif JPEG



Picture 21


One Big Sign

Before we found this ranch, we looked for 7 years. It was a long seven years too. One gentleman promised we would have a house, and we stayed in escrow for 9 months. My husband was heartbroken. One day on our way home from Santa Barbara we stopped to drive by the property. We saw the photo below, and I knew it was done. When I pray I ask for big signs that I can’t ignore. I have even said out loud in my prayers…You know I don’t do subtle, so show me something unmistakable. I would say this sign was pretty clear. It looks like a giant foot to me. What do you think?IMG_3613

Cheers To All Our Ancestors!

Do you ever rejoice in the day to day? I do! Everyday, I am thankful for ALL our ancestors. There were only a handful of people that lived an easy life. I know that Hollywood and media wants everyone to believe that life was so easy, but if you believe that then you need a guardian to take care of you. Even people that seemingly had it well had their own private hell that they had to go though every day.

I thank ALL our ancestors everyday. Without each of them making the contributions they made we would not have the lives we have today. One of the bronze statues that is in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California is a testament to the earliest wine makers. When I own a winery I want something similar to this bronze. A way to pay homage to the men and women that made wine. It was hard grueling work! Happy July 4th! Remember that our freedom did not come freely. The men, boys, women, and girls contributed to make this land we live in free. Cheers! Cheers, to all though that have come before us to make our lives better, easier, and free! IMG_2235

Making Of Memories

I could not imagine even writing this post before now, since this whole month has been so emotional. The school my children attended over the last 9 years was so special. The memories that were made for them, and for the parents are memories that are going to stay with them for the rest of their lives. Every morning before school they had special lines that where each class would stand and say the “Pledge of Allegiance”, pray for any family or friends, and have their names called for birthdays. It was a must to stay while the children were young. Being able to tell them bye one last time before I would see them at the end of the day. As the years went by they would move around the square. It was emotional to see the line of 8th graders gone for a week, but then the 7th grade would be allowed to move over to show they would be the new leaders of the school.

There were school families. As the children grew they grew into new responsibilities. They had times that they had to donate to help the homeless, medical supplies for foreign countries, traffic duty, and so much more. They were taught at an early age to help each other. The children they went to school with were part of their family. I believe third grade was when the “big” third graders went on walks through the neighborhood with the Kindergartners. Every grade would do something special with the other grades. On Thanksgiving and a few other holidays groups from K to 8 gather for little meals. Each of them have something special to do or bring for the celebrations.

Halloween, is too fun! Every grade dresses up, even the teachers and principal dress up for the day. There is a parade, and a haunted house that the 8th grade make up for 4th grade and up to attend.

When your child is a Kindergartener they get to place a ribbon around the neck of the with graders. The seventh graders are narrators for the whole ceremony. A candle is given to one of the eighth graders for them to carry on the light of knowing that Corpus Christi will be there with them. The children of the school will continue to pray for them, and Corpus will always be a place they are welcome. Oh, the tears that I shed when each of my children were the ones that gave the ribbons, and then when my son got a ribbon… I almost ran out of tears. I could not go to the others since I cried so hard at the ones my children actually were participants. I did not want to ruin it for other parents.

So many rituals. These traditions were like footprints in the sand. They made impressions on the children and the parents. The day of ribbon ceremony the 8th graders all hang their robes on the fence. It really leaves an impression. These silk robes mark the real beginning of babies that are growing up so fast. The traditions of the school make the whole experience an everlasting memorial of the time that was spent in this special place. It wasn’t just a school. It was a family that we moved away from earlier this month. IMG_2422