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Worms of Gold

Not to freak you out or anything, but I feel guilty about leaving our worms in the Bay Area. Ok…let me start from the beginning. When my son was only 18 months old I purchased a book about worms. I forgot the name of the book, but I am sure I still have it somewhere. The book got me thinking about the amounts of garbage that we as consumers just add to the landfills throughout the world.

Being a lover of history I often wonder what our ancestors did with their food waste. I am sure some was given to animals, however I give extra credit to our ancestors. I am sure someone, probably a woman, noticed the pile of compost where the worms were decomposed faster. The matter under the worms was rich, and some of the seeds from plants that were in the compost were growing really well. Ok…I don’t know that for sure, but it sounds good to me.

Back to the story…My son loved that we had a worm box. We kept it at the top of the hill, and he put the coffee grounds, apple cores, strawberry tops, corn cobs, banana peels, used paper towels, mail that only had soy based inks, and lots of other things. It was part of his childhood. It became part of our ritual. Filling up our compost bucket, and sharing it with the worms.

I never want my children to become a part of the “throwaway society”. Everything we buy cost money, and it ends up somewhere. When we make a conscious decision to buy something our family considers where it is made. How is it made? Once it is home, I want my family to use it, and after it has had a life with us. We give goods to family, friends, and our community. In that order. The worms are part of the life cycle. The worms end up with finished products for us, but the beginning for them. The bacteria breaks down the food, and the worms actually eat the bacteria.  The poo from the worms is really great for plants, as well as “worm tea”. Worm tea is made from the poo, and water is added. There was a study by the Japanese that found the “worm tea” helps repeal other insects. Many orchard are now using this system instead of harmful insecticides. Isn’t that great?!

Now, we accidentally left our worms behind. I feel guilty every time we throw something in the garbage that could have gone to the worms. We changed that today. We ordered new worms, and new composting systems. My son is going to start his own business selling worms, worm tea, and worm castings. The name for his worm business is “Worms of Gold”. He came to this decision since our ranch name is “Terreni D Oro” (Land of Gold) The worms are growing up on “Terreni D Oro”, so they are golden worms just like the sun. I know it may sound bizarre to some, but this is a step to restore soil, recycle food waste, and reuse the waste of the worms. You may laugh now, however pretty soon there will be a moratorium on allowing some waste material to be thrown into the “trash”. IMG_1123


Oh, yes I did. Moving is such a pain in the behind. As I cook dinner in the evening trying to remember where I put a pasta tool used to be easy. Now, I have to remember is it up North or down South? UGH! Of course there are beautiful aspects to moving. The new hope that comes with a new address. The new adventures, seeing and exploring new areas. IMG_1880

A couple of days ago we saw the cattle on the move. At our big ranch, we had a cattle breeder  using our land to move some cows, and he had a real cowboy and cowgirl move them. Each of them were on horseback. My most recent encounter with cattle moving was watching young people (too far for my eyes to make out if they were male or female) guide the cattle to another ranch with ATV’s. They were driving them on the road. I was acting like a little kid. I put down my coffee ran upstairs and told the kids to come and look at what they were doing. Oh, it was so exciting to me. I like seeing the cows from a distance. I really like watching them run. OMG! I did not know that they were so adorable running on the ranch. Honestly, I have no idea how fast they run, but it looks like they can really get up and go!


One of Cane Corso’s is obsessed with the cows. I take her for a walk and she just loves watching them move at the ranch next door to us. There are also some cattle across the street on a large hill. She just looks at them as though she was studying them. It is so adorable. The

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“Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg

I honestly don’t understand when women go on a bashing spree of other women. Recently, I read reports about stereotypes and how people react to said stereotypes. When people believe stereotypes about themselves they do poorly in every facet of their career. Most often it is our own barriers that places limits, or believing in those that love to perpetuate stereotypes. When we people learn we are all human…we are all equal. When we all start acting as though we are equals, we will be closer to achieving equality.

The perpetuators of  stereotypes are the worst offenders in my opinion. There is news in someone being a victim. Not all women are victims, there are many strong women out there. When we help each other as opposed to critiquing each other so harshly, we can all learn. Educating other women, and paying it forward is much better than utilizing bitter words against someone that has a desire to help other women move up the corporate latter.

As much as many think that she is only talking to the very wealthy and affluent, that is just a myopic view. If we use that analogy we as women will just continue to be “stuck”. She is not giving the “secret”, that is within yourself. Each of us has to dig into our core, and allow ourselves to take chances make mistakes. Thomas Edison did not think of his experiments as failures, but as attempts towards success.

Let’s all do each other a favor and lift someone up today! Make a stand for yourself, and believe in yourself! We are strong, and we are capable of living our passion. Each and everyone of us! Best Wishes!!!


Are you happy? I am a happy person. I enjoy the moments of my life as they come. Pressure is something we all have from time to time. Focusing on doing something worthwhile in every waking moment, and believing that every moment that is lived is worthwhile. Enjoying each moment as they reveal themselves. There are times of sickness, aggravation, and disappointment. Those times are going to happen. Most of the time there are great times. The sun coming up in the morning, the way the sun comes through the window and warms the steps. Enjoying the family photos and art descending the staircase. The way the coffee smells in the morning. That first sip of coffee. Singing to wake up the children (my opera singing is more for humor than an opera house). Listening to jams as I chauffeur the children to school. Proceeding to do the multitude of things I have to get done for a particular day.

When I fold clothes I listen to lectures or sometimes just get into folding. Everyday is a journey, through learning something new, finding something that may have been forgotten, and writing makes my days brighter and rewarding. There are many things I enjoy doing research, photography, genealogy, collecting art, antiques, martial arts, swimming, yoga, Pilates, writing, reading, and having tea or coffee with my friends.

Life is a journey. If you are not enjoying it as it comes reevaluate your dream. Having a dream is one of the greatest gifts. I know my dream is going to come true. It has slowly been revealing itself, and I know I am going to get there.

Write down your dream! Talk about your dream, it may take a while, but you are going to get there. Enjoy the moments! There are going to be thousands of them. Most of those moments are going to be great. Make the most of them. Life is special and as we realize how lucky we are we love life even more everyday. Embrace the richness of your life. When people give advice take what is useful for you…everyone has something they can contribute. Believe in the beauty of others as well as your own beauty. You will be a better person for it.

Smile, and count your blessings. If you want to take a happiness test go here…Authentic Happiness

Too Much Technology?

When my sister was visiting California lately we were connecting with mom, and I put my fingers behind my Mac…like she was really here. I really appreciate that we have the tools we do to connect to people that we once lost touch with all those years ago. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Face Time, Messages, Texting, Face Book, are all other parts of my life, but I am not caught up in them exclusively. I do other things, and I still socialize and interact with other people.

Doesn’t everyone watch tv with their laptop, iPad, or other device? Twitter helps fill the gaps of the commercials. Twitter is fun, and it is a challenge to stay within the 120 characters. These days if I haven’t had an interaction within a prescribed time limit for that time then off to Pinterest. Face Book, has my old friends from High School.

I get it that some people feel addicted to being on the internet all the time. It does consume time. It is more sad to think of the children that are growing up with their parents faces buried in their computer, tablet, or phone. Then again, there has been a time when the parents with the addictive personalities were doing other things. Drugs, alcohol, sex, or various other flaws to the psyche.

As much as people want to point the finger at technology the fact remains…it is up to the operator to realize enough is enough. This device that was once used only for work is now used to keep in touch in everyday possible. I have embraced it for what it is, and have fun with it. IMG_0189

Super Cyber Fun-tastic

Pinterest is some of the most fun on the web. Have you been? Just is case…Go to the link, and create your account. Find boards that you like, and then create your own boards. Name your own boards, and find items to place in the file. It is so fun!

This is one of the things that is great when your husband is watching something that is not that interesting. I am going to make it through my board “worth trying” . It is a great place for those quotes that you just love, and now there is a place to share them with everyone.

All those recipes that you like in as many different boards as you like. I have found some great information on every subject that is really interesting to me. I am serious…if you want to enjoy your time on the web in a new and interesting way then give pinterest a try. You will be pinned in no time. See what I did right there?


See you on Pinterest!

Photo Stream

I love Apple products. One of my newest love is Photo Stream. Usually I have utilized photo stream for my iPad, iPhone, and Mac, however when my sister was out here in CA I discovered something I wasn’t doing with my photo stream. Sharing several photos at the same time. My sister and I were able to share all of our photos with each other. How magical is that? I did not have to wait for several days to remind her or her to remind me. It just took a few seconds. Since some of my family members are still on iPad 1, and some are not with Mt. Lion I can still share Photo stream through public Photo Stream. This allows just the people I want to view the photos options to view. Oh, the excitement!!!

Have you learned anything new?

Merry Christmas!!!

Here is one of the photos that was taken from the Christmas parade. Hope you all had a great Christmas! IMG_0748

Book Book

Finding the perfect cover is never easy. I have been through several 4 different iPad covers, 4 different iphone covers, and only one Mac Book Pro cover. I just love the Book Book cover, I got one for the Mac first. Several years ago I bought one, and then this year I purchased one for my iPad. Yesterday I got one for my iPhone 5. I just love it. The least amount of stuff that I have to carry the better. I mean, I love a beautiful purse, but I dont want it full of “STUFF”. I want one location for as much as possible.

Twelve South are the makers of Book Book, so watch out for imitations. I have read that those are not even made of real leather. What kind of cover do you like?IMG_1922