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Warm Wishes

We celebrate Christmas at our ranch. It doesn’t matter what you are celebrating, we just hope that you and your family have a warm season of giving. We are proud to be Christians. Although I realize that celebrating the birth of Jesus at this time is not historically accurate. Jesus would have more than likely been born in the spring, when we celebrate Easter. Christmas as we know it is more of a mix of pagan holidays. Before you get yourself in a ruffle, let me explain…The church had to appease the pagans in some way, so the major holidays of the time were mixed together to create Christmas. Saturnalia, was a Roman holiday that was celebrated for 7 days. Gifts were given to family and friends. Candles were lit as a symbol to seek knowledge and truth. This is also a time of the Winter Solstice. Sol Invictus was celebrated on the 25th. The birthday of the unconquered sun was another holiday the Roman celebrated. Evergreen trees were brought inside, as well as garlands of evergreen. Candles were hung on the trees.  Just as we decorate our Christmas tree. As the early Christians layered the holidays so the pagans were more apt to accept Christianity.  I do understand the importance of such an undertaking. This knowledge has no impact on my belief in Jesus. These fact only make my faith stronger. I like the fact that Christianity is interwoven with historical beliefs. It only makes it that more interesting. The Winter and Spring solstice holidays were celebrated as far back as 4000 years beginning with the Mesopotamians.

Jesus born more than 2000 plus years. It would have been easy for him to utilize his anger against the Romans, but he spoke of love. His own people turned against him. He stayed strong! He was murdered, yet as he was dying he ask for forgiveness for those that killed him. Now, at the time of Jesus and shortly after there were many other religions and cults that were fighting to be THE religion. One of the main aspects that made Christianity so different was everyone was equal once they came together to celebrate the life of Jesus. Equality, although we think of this as a more modern concept, it was in existence for the Christians that celebrated in secret. It is almost a miracle in itself that we still worship someone born so long ago. He was a peaceful person, and a political activist. In the depth of his parables he utters love, peace, and understanding of one another. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“Jesus Papyrus” by Mathew D’ Ancona is very interesting as it finds eyewitness accounts of Jesus. The manuscripts were found in Oxford Univeristy, three scrapes found that were a bequest for Oxford. The gospel of Matthew chapter 26 were the parts that were found. The words that are found on the paper are thought to be real words that Jesus spoke. It would be a pretty great world if all of us could be a little more like Jesus. Even if a person is not Christian they can at least appreciate a man of such magnitude! Merry Christmas to you all!



One of the most important aspects of family is caring for other people. It is important that education reflect our spirit of giving to others.  Especially those that do for themselves and others. Our Veterans have worked hard for us. They answered the call that the government called them to do. It is horrible that our Veterans came back to the U. S. without fan fare after Vietnam. The boys that went to war were in the middle of a war that was no fault of their own.

As our children gain more maturity I am glad my children understand that people need help, and sometimes people end up homeless by no fault of their own. Our veterans should never end up with no where to go. I am grateful that my children have the desire to help others, and especially Veterans that have served our country.

Last week, I sent my son in the store to buy some food for a homeless shelter, and he gave the dollars he had left to the Veterans. The Veterans gave him a little flower, and he gave the flower to me. I wore that flower with every outfit for the week.



Villa San Juliette Winery

So, we have been living in San Miguel for 145 days. I have been wanting to visit Villa San Juliette Winery since the first time I saw it from a distance. It is the same color yellow as the house we sold in SF Bay Area. I love yellow!

We went to really look at the landscaping, since the same person that did the landscaping at Villa San Juliette is going to do our landscaping. Les, is one of those instantly warm charismatic people that I want to adopt. Yep! I love adopting people into my family.

Since Les and Ian had not arrived yet, I ventured inside Villa San Juliette to sample some wines. I sampled some and talked, and talked, and talked. Since I had taken so much of their time I felt a obligated to buy a bottle of wine too. I told the gentleman tending bar that I am a neighbor.

I really had to run so I could tell Les exactly what we are wanting on our land. Here areIMG_3024 some images from Villa San Juliette we took. Click on the name to go their website. IMG_3020

Castoro Cellars

Technology is not just about typing something out on your keyboard, and being in the comfort of your own home. Everyone has to make a personal connection too. Recently, I found the “Women in Business” group here in Paso Robles. I went to my first luncheon at Castoro Cellars. There was wine that was served, and it was “damn fine wine.” I usually am not a fan of white whine, but I loved the Chardonnay they served. There was music, and lots of food from vendors all over Paso. I met lots of really wonderful ladies, and I met my new partner for a business that we think will be a great one.

Instead of just tapping on your keyboard…get out there, and find some groups of women to network and have fun. IMG_2617

New Apps

I am one of those people constantly looking for Apps that make life a little easier. If you read my blog last week for Tech Tuesday I shared my frustration of being texted while at the grocery store. Going down aisles I already went down to collect groceries is monotonous. Any who…I post my blog to Facebook, and one of my friends suggested “Our Groceries”, this is an app that everyone in the family can get, and it is free with the advertisements, and $4.99 ad free.

While you are looking at apps for grocery stores. You might also want to try “Quick Scan” it is an app that will allow you to compare prices of what ever it is you are shopping for that day.

Finally, “” get the deals you deserve. Everyone wants to save money, so now you can do it from your iPhone.

If you have any additional apps. that are grocery store related add them to the list.

Grocery Store Texting

The other day while I was at the grocery store I ask my daughter by text…”Do you want anything from the grocery store?” I then get a whole long list of everything that we needed. She went into the pantry and was adding to her list. I was the mom taking a photo of Mac and Cheese. Oh yeah, that was me.

Let me explain…I don’t eat Mac and Cheese, and the last time I purchased Mac and Cheese I got the wrong one. I noticed there are all kinds of different disgusting flavors of Mac and Cheese. She texted “get the original flavor”.

While I was in the freezer aisle a guy saw me looking through the test messages, and he said “the kids want ice cream?” I started to laugh, and ask him what his kids were asking for today. He told me “I turned my phone off.” I admitted “I made the mistake of asking.” Sometimes technology is a bitch.

Phantom Phone

I have gotten so used to having my phone with me that I swear sometimes hear the damn thing ring. Does this happen to anyone else? I mean really…I want to know. There are times that I don’t want to hear my phone ring. I put the thing on vibrate thinking that I won’t hear it, but honestly the thing has become like another appendage. When I don’t have it near me I think I hear it ringing. Do you think there is such thing as Phantom ringing? I just don’t know if it is my age or I some how want the phone to ring. Whatever it is…I just want to know I am not alone in thinking there could be a new disorder or syndrome. PPS Phantom Phone Syndrome or PPD Phantom Phone Disorder. Tell me what you think.

Apple Tease…

Alright, it is about that time…time for Apple to tease those of us that crave something sweet from Apple. I just haven’t felt the anxiety this time. What is it? Is it that there haven’t been enough rumors? Where are the accidental leaks? I mean really! Those little leaks keep my interest up, and I am sure that I am not the only one. It is almost like being part of an elite club of geeks. Who am I kidding? Being an Apple geek is a club.

Since I was in high school I had a crush on Steve Jobs. Since high school I could’t wait to have an Apple device. When I went to college, I always went to the Mac’s to email, and write my papers. Then I fell for the Newton, it was like an iPad only ahead of it’s time. th

Now, I am an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac Book Pro junkie. Yep, I said it…Apple has me hooked. I so enjoy perusing the Apple store in person or online. I so miss the Keynote by Steve, but I am still with Apple. I just want an iPhone leak soon, so I can get JAZZED!

Back To School

Here it is…I can’t believe it. Back to school is just around the corner. Are you ready? Every year, I take the time to find good deals for back to school. I mean, really, it cost so much money to clothe children. I want my kids to look great, but I hate dragging them to the store.  I have been shopping on line for everything I possibly can all the time. I have for years. I like getting the clothes in packages that no one else has tried. This year I got the sizes all wrong, but it was no problem. I sent everything back with no hassle. I did not have to go back to the store or anything. Just slap on the tag, take it to the post office, and wham…money back in my pocket. Or at least until I have to re-buy pants that are two sizes bigger than I thought. UGH!

Wishing all of you “good luck” during this hectic time of back to school shopping. What are you secrets to getting it all done?

Nothing New Under The Sun

When I took Latin, this was one of my favorite quotes. Sure, we have types of technology that the Romans did not have, then again there are things they have engineered that we have a hard time duplicating. So many architectural features that we are just bringing back were just amazing.

I was recently at the Mission San Miguel, and I had that same feeling of awe when admiring how and why they did what they did. The overhang areas serve many purposes. Snakes don’t like crawling on the cold bricks, and the shades around the building helps keep the whole area cooler. When it is raining people could walk from one area to another and keep dry. There are areas by the door that channel the water away from the building. When water and/or plants are too close to a building the water and roots of plants undermine the structure of the foundation.

Courtyards in the center of the buildings provided privacy and outdoor entertainment. Gardens in the courtyard, a place for the pets of the household.  Water collection and storage could also be accessed from the courtyard. Many had rain gutters that were attached to a system in the center, and the water would be stored in cisterns. When the cistern was attached to a fountain this allowed the water to move and aerate.

I know this is not new, but something more and more are thinking about as we build smarter and more efficient homes. As we marry the old with the new. Saving our resources and utilizing the smartest way we can. IMG_2555