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Wildlife is so abundant in our area. We know there are Mountain Lions. In fact, I have posted a foot print of one. We have seen snakes…gopher snakes, and a king snake eating a rattlesnake. We saw a rattlesnake come very close to us, and never even rattled. The snake tasted the air, and turned around to go back to it’s hole. I have wanted to see a tarantella, alas I have not as of yet. Bunnies hop in and out of our yard all day long. Foxes have ran across the 40 acres, and we have seen a few coyotes. We hear them just about every night, and lately we even hear the pups.

The other day we saw this…IMG_2518

Our Dog With A Blog

We have completely stereotyped our dogs. We have two Italian Mastiffs (Cane Corso). We just love them to pieces. They are funny dogs. They utilized my saucers for the potted plants as sleds. Since the saucers were the terra cotta saucers they broke after the sled ride was over. The two of them are sisters, and they play tag and with their toys until they are exhausted. During dinner time, the two of them rest near our table waiting for my husband to offer them something. The more muscular one is Sheba (not pictured). We imagine that she colors with a blue crayon. Not knowing how to spell, and having her sister Sadie explain things to her all the time, as she rolls her eyes. IMG_0490

As we have dinner we even add voices. Sadie has an accent that is British, and she is an intellectual. She types at night, and post on her blog about her crazy Italian family. Writes about the fun she had playing in the yard, what kind of people hung out at the park, and what strange animals she saw at the ranch. Sadie has one crooked nail on her right paw, and that is what we refer to as her delete nail. She has used it so many times it is a little crooked.

Sadie has such great expressions on her face. She has these soft loving eyes, and Sheba has more play, play, play eyes. Sheba will sometimes PUSH Sadie into playing when Sadie doesn’t feel like playing. Sheba will buck like a horse around in circles in front of Sadie, and Sadie will huff at her like she is annoyed. Sadie always gives into Sheba’s will to play. Sadie waits quietly for dinner to end, but as soon as Sheba thinks dinner is coming to a close she will rest her chin on the table by my husband. He is the one that will give scraps to the dogs.

Sadie on the other hand goes to my son, and moves his arm to go around her like he is giving her a side hug. She is very forceful about it too. It is almost like she is at the table for love, not food.

She could almost be “grumpy dog”. Be careful or you will end up in her blog. LOL

Inhale…Count To Three…Exhale. Better?


Spectacular Saturday

Here we have Sunrise at the ranch…IMG_2039

Peek at the Kitchen

This may not look like much, but we think it is a big deal. The appliances are going in…IMG951613

New Old Food

In the 80’s one of my girlfriends introduced me to sprouts. Well, recently I read that MIT has conducted research that finds sprouts are even more beneficial than once thought. Broccoli sprouts are even better. So, do yourself a favor, and go get some. Better than buying them at the grocery store is growing them yourself. IMG_2111

Happy Birthday Bubby

I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have a little brother like Roger. He was the one my sister and I had to make a little tougher. We did not want anyone taking advantage of him for anything. He was so tiny, but the day my mom brought him home we thought he had the biggest head we had ever seen on a human being. The best thing about having a little brother was that we would get his baby clothes for our dolls.

As he grew up, he had to have his blanket with him as he sucked his thumb. He started making mud pies in the side of the yard, and to make sure he shared them we told him and his friend to throw them at the other houses. Then my sister and I would acted shocked that he would do something so horrible. Where would he get such ideas?

We moved to a new neighborhood, and he was tiny compared to other boys his age. He played basketball at Market Square Area. We could not be more proud. Even if none of his socks fit him correctly. The socks came up his tiny legs like stockings instead of tube socks.

As a teenager he brought pieces of cardboard to dance on his head. Him and all his little buddies were break dancing. When I worked as a lifeguard him and his buddies would want in free. The rode their bikes with their pieces of cardboard at their sides. They were pretty cute, and people would gather around and cheer them on as they did their spins.

He had his first baby Shelby when he was still young. I remember how much you could see the love in his eyes as he looked at his baby with so much love and hope for her future. He worked and worked as he lived with 2 other guys that were just as crazy as he was. Every time Shelby would come over he would take her to the park, and let her drive her little car.

Then he met Dawn, and they fell in love. They bought themselves a house, and have three other children. I was at the hospital when Cory, their first baby boy, came into the world. I even was able to babysit before I moved to California. I did not get to meet Chelsey until later, and Cody just a couple of years ago.

I have a super special brother. One that came all the way to New York to help me move all my stuff in a few days. He was even taking antibiotics through an injection when he came to help me. He is a brother that would do anything for me, and I would do the same for him. He has so much to offer! I wish the very best for him on his birthday and everyday.

I love you bubby!!! Things are going to get better!


So, a few years ago I asked my husband to take us down a road. We were really lost, but the road was so nice. I just wanted to see what was down the road. Then we saw this sign. Hmmm, time to turn around. Not before I took a photo of the sign. LOL!IMG_3182

A Foggy Morning


December Birthdays

My daughter is a December baby. When she was young she had several birthday parties. Her last big party was in the 3rd grade (I think). She had her party at the beginning of December, but she wanted a bonus party on her actual birthday. We did something special as a family. If I remember correctly we went to “Build a Bear”. Since that party she has not wanted another party.

Since this year is her last year at her current school, I thought she would want to do something special. Have a big blow out party! My vision was a bead party, everyone could make bracelets for themselves, one for the kindergarten buddies, and one to share with others. I shared this thought with some of the other ladies (mom’s) in the class. I believe they liked the idea, but when I approached my daughter with the idea she said “NO”. She tells me “Mom, no-one is going to want to come to a party like that…it is too boring.” Really? I mean geez, I want to try to make this last year as special as I can. My kids have never moved, but I have. I know it is hard, even though the children can’t wait to live a country life, and have beaches to go to in the summer. They are going to miss their friends, even though they think they are not going to miss them right now. I want to make happy memories for both of them, so when they think back to elementary school they will reminisces on sweet memories.

It is not easy to have a December birthday, but I will try to find something that will be thrilling for her and her friends before June rolls around in 6 months. YIKES!