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Clear Sky Coming


Fishing On The Pacific Ocean

My son recently went out on the Pacific Ocean for a fishing trip. Every year the biology class goes out on the Ocean to fish. I have got to tell you, it was a little frightening for me to allow him to go out in the Ocean to go fishing. He is growing up, so I have to allow him to do somethings I am not comfortable with him doing. I want to Morro Bay to drop off my baby for the day. It was very foggy outside. The road going to Morro Bay is very steep in some areas, and I am a chicken about driving that road. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to drive back home since the way back home is near the edge of the cliff. I had to do breathing exercises to make it though the curves. Plus I had to pee like a race horse.

Anyway, I try not to think about my baby being out in the Pacific Ocean. The trip was cancelled before due to high waves and rip currents being so treacherous. Finally, I got a text from him. He told me he caught 6 fish. Yeah! I went to pick him up, and there was no fog by this time. I was the last parent to pick up their child. There he was standing there with his fish in a bag. The fish had already been had their scales removed, and they even gave him ice packs to keep the fish fresh.

I cooked them up on the grill once we got home, and they were so good. I bet they were even better to him since he caught them. He was so proud, he fed his family with his big catch. IMG_2811

Angus On The Ranch

The Angus Cattle have new calves…



Our First House

This is a photo of what our house looked like all those years ago before we did reconstruction to the house.

Picture 27

More Beautiful Ad’s


Antique Italian Ads



When my husband and  I first met we wanted to talk about life, about everything. So, we spent hours upon hours putting together puzzles as we got to know each other. We had already spent time emailing each other, and then talking on the phone. This was a way to build together, and get to know each other as team mates. It took us months to put together all three of the puzzles. He kept the puzzles at his house on the dining room table.

Recently, I gave all three of the puzzles to a retired priest. There was an advertisement in the bulletin of our church asking for puzzles. I thought it would be perfect to give them to someone that would have some fun with them. Pass things on, and giving them to someone that will appreciate them. IMG_2573

Old Italian Ad’s


Golden Gate Park

Just a fantastic photo…IMG_2277

First Dinner Party

We hosted our first dinner party recently. Our family friends came over to share a meal with us. Even among all our boxes, they did not mind. They brought us several bottles of wine, and we had such a great time. We almost forgot about all the work we still have to get done. IMG_2417