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Only so much…

I have discovered that there is only so much I can do, which is why I can really only manage to write for one blog. I now only write on Contessa Grigia. My one site offers the variety of all the things that I do including collecting art, farming, winery, genealogy, photography, and just living life. If you follow this blog, please consider following the one that I actually write on these days. I appreciate your interest!!! Thank you!

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Ducks in the front yard


Rooster Round

Every evening right before the sunset the roosters and hens are aroused by the smell of jasmine in the air. They remind me of “West Side Story” they are either going to be lovers or fighters. These two want to tango…


Little Rooster That Could

I know you all know the story of the train that could, but the rooster belongs to us. Our little rooster is a bantam. That last couple of mornings he has crowed. Oh, it is so cute! Just this evening after my husband came home, he was telling me he saw the little rooster crow. Then my husband started crowing like a rooster. All the sudden the little guy stood on a rock, and took a deep breath, stretched out his neck and crowed in front of us. We laughed so hard because we could see how much he was pushing himself. Here is our rooster…


Chickens Are Here

February 26th we bought 10 chickens. The next day I left for a trip to San Diego for a blogging conference. While I was gone, my family went out and purchased 10 more chickens for a total of 20 chickens. My husband confessed that he has some more on order…Baby chick

New Sidewalk

New Sidewalk

We got a new sidewalk. A meandering walkway to allow access to cars.

Coming Together

We have the three chick coops in place. The 26th is when our local farm stores will have some baby chicks. We have also ordered our worms for composting, the first batch baked. 😦 We also have bees that will be here soon. The bee box will be here first, and we have a little home for it. Since it needs the right combination of warmth and shade.

Ta da…IMG_3345

Chicken Neighborhood

So, we got our other two chicken coops. Now, we have a total of three chicken coops. We could have a total of 24 chickens with these three coops. We want the chickens to be comfortable. Next up, is making the little neighborhood for the chickens. We are going to fence the area in, and allow the gate to be opened for them to bust out of the hood to visit other areas.

When we went to pick up the chicken coops we took our trailer to slide both of them in, but they wouldn’t fit. We had to pick them up one at a time. Since we are all OCD, they are all lined up, and ready to put in a more permanent location.


Cloud Porn

Today we had a little bit of rain. The aftereffect of the rain was the beautiful clouds throughout the day on the ranch…