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178 Days

Here we are at 178 days our family has been living in the country. To be more precise, living on the Central Coast. We just love it here. The kids love their schools, and are doing well in school. I have been managing all the property, and our little 42 acre plot is starting to take shape. We got rid of the fences, that did not fit what we are wanting to do with the land.

Now, we are at the planning stage of how each of the landscaping pieces are going to fit into the acreage. We are going to have bees, and chickens soon. Our chicken coop should arrive in a few days, and then we will order our chickens. Yes, I am still a little fearful of big hens, and any feathered creature flying around my head. My hope is that since I will know these creatures when they are young I will get over my Ornithophobia.

Now, since we finally growing I am going to be posting more about the ranch on “Terreni D’ Oro”, and more of my personal delights in life are going to be on my

Here is a very out our front door…IMG_3088

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