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Bocce Ball

I can’t wait to have our own Bocce Ball court. I want one like this with lighting over the court so I can tell how well I am doing. LOL!



Fishing On The Pacific Ocean

My son recently went out on the Pacific Ocean for a fishing trip. Every year the biology class goes out on the Ocean to fish. I have got to tell you, it was a little frightening for me to allow him to go out in the Ocean to go fishing. He is growing up, so I have to allow him to do somethings I am not comfortable with him doing. I want to Morro Bay to drop off my baby for the day. It was very foggy outside. The road going to Morro Bay is very steep in some areas, and I am a chicken about driving that road. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to drive back home since the way back home is near the edge of the cliff. I had to do breathing exercises to make it though the curves. Plus I had to pee like a race horse.

Anyway, I try not to think about my baby being out in the Pacific Ocean. The trip was cancelled before due to high waves and rip currents being so treacherous. Finally, I got a text from him. He told me he caught 6 fish. Yeah! I went to pick him up, and there was no fog by this time. I was the last parent to pick up their child. There he was standing there with his fish in a bag. The fish had already been had their scales removed, and they even gave him ice packs to keep the fish fresh.

I cooked them up on the grill once we got home, and they were so good. I bet they were even better to him since he caught them. He was so proud, he fed his family with his big catch. IMG_2811

George Leonard Lewis Franklin Fizer

Wow! What a long name. He is my great grandfather. Born in 1888 on August 27 to James Preston Fizer and Minerva Gordon Persinger.  His draft card describes him with black hair and grey eyes. He is 6 feet tall and 148 pounds.


When he married Minerva her sister was married to his brother in a double wedding ceremony. The event made the paper.

He is married and has four children. He wants to be exempt from the world war I. When World War II came around he claims on his draft card that he has a crippled left leg. He works for Kelly’s Creek Colliery co. Kelly’s Creek Colliery Co . was one of the many coal mines that were in the state of West Virginia.

George died in 1963. I have no photos of him, and only know these few facts about him.

Another Story

When we go on our road trips I love it that my husband is willing to go off the beaten path. I often will ask “Can we go…”, or we see an antique store, or a road that looks less traveled we try it.

Just recently I saw a sign for the Parkfield Graveyard. I asked if we could go see it. I was a ways down a road that looks like very few people travel. Maybe only a few locals, no people have left any fresh flowers on any of the graves. There were many I took photos of that day, however there was one that got my attention the most. Leo B. Radcliff. He was laid to rest in 1959, and his flag was destroyed. It was still there, just barely holding to the plastic stick that it was attached to all those years ago. I can only imagine the years that flag has endured. I wonder what kept the family from coming back to visit this gentleman that served our country many years ago. IMG_2837

Beauty In Paso Robles, CA


Villa San Juliette Winery

So, we have been living in San Miguel for 145 days. I have been wanting to visit Villa San Juliette Winery since the first time I saw it from a distance. It is the same color yellow as the house we sold in SF Bay Area. I love yellow!

We went to really look at the landscaping, since the same person that did the landscaping at Villa San Juliette is going to do our landscaping. Les, is one of those instantly warm charismatic people that I want to adopt. Yep! I love adopting people into my family.

Since Les and Ian had not arrived yet, I ventured inside Villa San Juliette to sample some wines. I sampled some and talked, and talked, and talked. Since I had taken so much of their time I felt a obligated to buy a bottle of wine too. I told the gentleman tending bar that I am a neighbor.

I really had to run so I could tell Les exactly what we are wanting on our land. Here areIMG_3024 some images from Villa San Juliette we took. Click on the name to go their website. IMG_3020

Vicki Shuck

My daughter is a horse lover, and grew up riding. When both of my children were young I did not allow them to have posters on their walls. I did allow them to choose their own art they wanted on their walls. When I would find something I thought they would enjoy I would ask them for their option. If they liked it I would buy it for them. This way we help support artists, and they have something they can pass on to their children.

My daughter and I both love how Vicki has focused on the horse and rider, and the background is blended. The rider has become one with her horse as she jumps the hurdles, and Vicki has done a great job of conveying the action of the horse and rider. Frozen in a moment of time. Here is the link to reach Vicki Shuck.


Something Fun

I am sure there are podcasts for every town, but I was looking for something about our town. I found this  Listen to as much or as little as you wish. It is a walking tour, but listening and looking at the historical photos is good too.

Let me know what you think.


We have been very busy here on the Central Coast. Coastal living here is so relaxed. Not to say that there are things to do. Boy, there is much to do everyday. We have our business to take care of, managing property is a big part of my day.

I like items that are on the calendar, and not the ones that HAPPEN. Our poor dog Sheba has Valley Fever. She coughed up blood the other day, and we had to take her to the vet. This is her second visit to the vet for a lung problem in one year. She is now on antibiotics IMG_2568

The kids, they have teen stuff to do. Games, dances, friends, it is a lot of driving around for my husband and I.

We also sold our house, which was a biggie. I mean wow, it is so expensive to sell a house. There are so many papers to find. UGH! I hope it is a long time before we sell the house we are in now.

Now, we are stating on landscaping before we have rain. Then back to the getting the house done. I hate not having all the chandeliers up on the ceiling, but the medallions are a must. My husband wants the medallions all painted a color that is only available at Kelly Moore. OMG! I am ready for the medallions to be naked. I just want my damn chandeliers on the ceiling. Today, my BIG chandelier is suppose to be here. Once it is up, I will have to share a photo of it.