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One of the most important aspects of family is caring for other people. It is important that education reflect our spirit of giving to others.  Especially those that do for themselves and others. Our Veterans have worked hard for us. They answered the call that the government called them to do. It is horrible that our Veterans came back to the U. S. without fan fare after Vietnam. The boys that went to war were in the middle of a war that was no fault of their own.

As our children gain more maturity I am glad my children understand that people need help, and sometimes people end up homeless by no fault of their own. Our veterans should never end up with no where to go. I am grateful that my children have the desire to help others, and especially Veterans that have served our country.

Last week, I sent my son in the store to buy some food for a homeless shelter, and he gave the dollars he had left to the Veterans. The Veterans gave him a little flower, and he gave the flower to me. I wore that flower with every outfit for the week.



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  1. Whether at present or in years long past, so many of us are families of veterans. Their commitment and service is a legacy to succeeding generations on true values in life – honoring your country, as well as your family.

    As we remember not only our own veterans but the history of all who serve, we pay tribute to the monumental contribution provided by their commitment and sacrifice on our behalf. Their sense of duty continues to safeguard our present and sustain our future.

    As veterans honor their country by serving – we, in turn, must honor them

    November 20, 2013

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