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Fishing On The Pacific Ocean

My son recently went out on the Pacific Ocean for a fishing trip. Every year the biology class goes out on the Ocean to fish. I have got to tell you, it was a little frightening for me to allow him to go out in the Ocean to go fishing. He is growing up, so I have to allow him to do somethings I am not comfortable with him doing. I want to Morro Bay to drop off my baby for the day. It was very foggy outside. The road going to Morro Bay is very steep in some areas, and I am a chicken about driving that road. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to drive back home since the way back home is near the edge of the cliff. I had to do breathing exercises to make it though the curves. Plus I had to pee like a race horse.

Anyway, I try not to think about my baby being out in the Pacific Ocean. The trip was cancelled before due to high waves and rip currents being so treacherous. Finally, I got a text from him. He told me he caught 6 fish. Yeah! I went to pick him up, and there was no fog by this time. I was the last parent to pick up their child. There he was standing there with his fish in a bag. The fish had already been had their scales removed, and they even gave him ice packs to keep the fish fresh.

I cooked them up on the grill once we got home, and they were so good. I bet they were even better to him since he caught them. He was so proud, he fed his family with his big catch. IMG_2811

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