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Villa San Juliette Winery

So, we have been living in San Miguel for 145 days. I have been wanting to visit Villa San Juliette Winery since the first time I saw it from a distance. It is the same color yellow as the house we sold in SF Bay Area. I love yellow!

We went to really look at the landscaping, since the same person that did the landscaping at Villa San Juliette is going to do our landscaping. Les, is one of those instantly warm charismatic people that I want to adopt. Yep! I love adopting people into my family.

Since Les and Ian had not arrived yet, I ventured inside Villa San Juliette to sample some wines. I sampled some and talked, and talked, and talked. Since I had taken so much of their time I felt a obligated to buy a bottle of wine too. I told the gentleman tending bar that I am a neighbor.

I really had to run so I could tell Les exactly what we are wanting on our land. Here areIMG_3024 some images from Villa San Juliette we took. Click on the name to go their website. IMG_3020

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