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We have been very busy here on the Central Coast. Coastal living here is so relaxed. Not to say that there are things to do. Boy, there is much to do everyday. We have our business to take care of, managing property is a big part of my day.

I like items that are on the calendar, and not the ones that HAPPEN. Our poor dog Sheba has Valley Fever. She coughed up blood the other day, and we had to take her to the vet. This is her second visit to the vet for a lung problem in one year. She is now on antibiotics IMG_2568

The kids, they have teen stuff to do. Games, dances, friends, it is a lot of driving around for my husband and I.

We also sold our house, which was a biggie. I mean wow, it is so expensive to sell a house. There are so many papers to find. UGH! I hope it is a long time before we sell the house we are in now.

Now, we are stating on landscaping before we have rain. Then back to the getting the house done. I hate not having all the chandeliers up on the ceiling, but the medallions are a must. My husband wants the medallions all painted a color that is only available at Kelly Moore. OMG! I am ready for the medallions to be naked. I just want my damn chandeliers on the ceiling. Today, my BIG chandelier is suppose to be here. Once it is up, I will have to share a photo of it.

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