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A Funny Thing Happened…

ImageIt has been a crazy month. Full of so much that had to get done. The other day, I was going to meet my friend and future business partner. I was thinking, since I am so early I can afford to have a cup of coffee. I stopped a quaint little coffee shop that I put on Instagram. It is a coffee spot that I believe Banksy would enjoying having a cup of brew. Anyway, my friend text me to let me know she had already arrived at the destination of our meeting. Believing I was close to our meeting I start to walk. As I am walking I ask my friend what is the address is. She tells me, and I am not worried as I continue to walk. I then ask Siri for the address. She tells me that it is 2.5 miles. OMG! I am freaking out! 

I don’t want to let down my partner, and the two mentors that we were suppose to meet. I quicken my pace. I then realize how long it takes me to walk a mile somewhere I know, and this is somewhere new. I start to contemplate hitchhiking. I talk myself out of hitchhiking. I then see an opportunity to ask someone. I go ask a landscaper if he could take me 2.5 miles, and I would give him 10 dollars. He tells me that two people did not show up for work today, and he is already behind for the day. 

I continue to walk, and cringe at the thought of letting my partner down for the meeting. I then see an elderly man walking to his truck. I walk up to him and ask him “Will you please take a 2.3 miles, and I will give you $10?” He says, as he leisurely walks to his house, “let me fill up my coffee cup, and I will give you a ride.” He cleaned off his passenger seat of  business cards, and a couple of tools. He tells me he is a contractor, and his name is Sam. I place the $10 bill in the center console since he told me that he did not want it. It was very nice of him to provide a stranger with a ride. 

I can’t believe I did something like that, but I am glad I did it. Made it to the meeting on time!

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