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Meet and Greet

In September I was lucky enough to be able to attend an event that was so incredibly fun! “Farm to Fork Progressive Food and Wine Tour” , it was exciting too. We started the whole day off at the Pioneer Museum in Paso Robles. There was hot coffee, and there were many speakers that came up to the podium to speak to us. I am going to tell you about the ones that touched my heart the most. It would take me days to tell you about all of the people I met.

Julie Polak of Moonlight Mechanic , she had her little index cards with her as she spoke to all of us. We sat in front of her on bails of hay, and I could almost hear her shaking. She was so sweet, and so friendly. A crowd of women that were ready to begin their adventure for the day…not an easy crowd to talk to at an time. I couldn’t wait to find Julie for some one on one time.

We were off on our bus, and we already had a bag of goodies with us. There was lots of talking on the bus, and a few men at a “Women in Business” luncheon. No one seemed to mind, and maybe those men were there for support of the wives. It was all good!

We arrived at Windrose Farm. (sorry the link is broken) Once we exit the bus there are “Bloody Mary’s waiting for us on a table. I am not kidding you, it was the best Bloody Mary I have ever had in my life. I am no spring chicken.

On our way out of Windrose our bus broke down. Many of us opted to stay with the bus, and allow the older people to go on the the next destination. It wasn’t that bad of a wait. It was warm, but it was tolerable.

We soon reached out next destination of Windfall Farms. It is breath taking. The property was once owned by Alex Trebek of Jeopardy. There were hawks flying around the farm overhead. The chef and author Brigit Binns was there cooking dishes, and passing around samples. Each of us got a copy of her book, and she offered to autograph it for us too. IQMS gave us a glass to take home. We drank wine from J. Lohr, and got a free bottle of wine from them too.

Lastly, we went to Pasolivo Olive Farm. What a lovely place. We ate gelato under a giant oak tree. We learned about the press, and visited the gift shop.


A Funny Thing Happened…

ImageIt has been a crazy month. Full of so much that had to get done. The other day, I was going to meet my friend and future business partner. I was thinking, since I am so early I can afford to have a cup of coffee. I stopped a quaint little coffee shop that I put on Instagram. It is a coffee spot that I believe Banksy would enjoying having a cup of brew. Anyway, my friend text me to let me know she had already arrived at the destination of our meeting. Believing I was close to our meeting I start to walk. As I am walking I ask my friend what is the address is. She tells me, and I am not worried as I continue to walk. I then ask Siri for the address. She tells me that it is 2.5 miles. OMG! I am freaking out! 

I don’t want to let down my partner, and the two mentors that we were suppose to meet. I quicken my pace. I then realize how long it takes me to walk a mile somewhere I know, and this is somewhere new. I start to contemplate hitchhiking. I talk myself out of hitchhiking. I then see an opportunity to ask someone. I go ask a landscaper if he could take me 2.5 miles, and I would give him 10 dollars. He tells me that two people did not show up for work today, and he is already behind for the day. 

I continue to walk, and cringe at the thought of letting my partner down for the meeting. I then see an elderly man walking to his truck. I walk up to him and ask him “Will you please take a 2.3 miles, and I will give you $10?” He says, as he leisurely walks to his house, “let me fill up my coffee cup, and I will give you a ride.” He cleaned off his passenger seat of  business cards, and a couple of tools. He tells me he is a contractor, and his name is Sam. I place the $10 bill in the center console since he told me that he did not want it. It was very nice of him to provide a stranger with a ride. 

I can’t believe I did something like that, but I am glad I did it. Made it to the meeting on time!

Rob Ijbema

Instead of posters on the walls in the rooms of my children I allowed them to select art. One of the themes that my son loves is transportation. Green is his favorite color, and he loves races. The Bentley that he liked was an impressive choice. He really enjoyed the other paintings of Rob, so we purchased a few others.

The perceived motion of the car, the reflection of the windshield…it just looks like there better not be a human in the way of this car.

Would you like to see more of his work? Click here


Chalk Art

Here is another photo from the Chalk Art Festival in San Luis Obispo.


Angus On The Ranch

The Angus Cattle have new calves…




I know it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Life has been pretty crazy! We have been looking for just the right piece of property to purchase, and we are pretty excited about what is in store. I can share any of the information yet, but it crazy exciting!

I have also been working on starting a new business that is really dear to my heart. This is another one I can’t share yet, but as soon as our project gets closer to opening I can share. This business is really something for me, and my friend has had this dream too. So, I feel like I am in good company!

The kids schedules have finally become more manageable too. It is never easy being a mom, running a business, and trying to start a new one.

One of my proudest moments in the last couple of weeks is joining a “Six Week Challenge”. As much as I want to do something for myself I usually put everyone and everything above working out. I decided, I am not going to be that any longer. I am going to whip my body into shape! I deserve time to do something just for me, and I am going to do this for me. I will keep you all updated.

Have a great weekend!