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Pink Rainbow

Have you ever seen a pink rainbow? This was my first time…




Lou Lou In The Washer

I am going to tell you a story, so don’t judge me. My daughter had an ugly doll that she named Lou Lou. I don’t know where she came up with the name, she just liked it. She always had Lou Lou with her, however Lou Lou was always naked. One time my daughter decided to give Lou Lou a bath. She gave her a bath, and her head filled with water. As my daughter ran with Lou Lou everyone could hear the splashing of the water inside Lou Lou’s head.

The water inside of Lou Lou’s head began to stink. I was afraid that the water would somehow leak out of Lou Lou’s head and spread it’s contaminated water on my daughter.

I came up with a plan to get rid of Lou Lou. I purchased an American Girl doll for her, and hid it in the basement. I took a baby asprin and crushed it. I placed the crushed baby asprin in a bag in the envelop along with a note that I had written. When the mail came that day I acted as if I had got the letter from our mail carrier.

I gasped as I read the letter. The kids wanted to know what the contents of the letter said, and what was in the envelop. I read the letter…

Dear Parents,

We wish to bestow upon you some fairy dust. We limit the amount of fairy dust that we give to the “mortal population”, so much care must be taken when handling this fairy dust. Since we have observed such sweet behavior of your children we are offering you one wish with this fairy dust. Please do not handle the fairy dust until you are ready to make your wish.

Much love,

The fairies

I told the kids…”We have to be very careful.” then I ask them “What do you think we should ask for a wish? My son responds right away…”I think we should ask that people everywhere have food to eat.” WOW! How was I going to get from feeding the world to getting rid of the doll with the stagnant water? I told them…Well, I think that is a great wish, however this is a wish for something for you two. I don’t believe fairies have the power to feed everyone. ¬†My daughter said…I want to make Lou Lou better. My son said that he couldn’t think of anything he wanted for himself, so lets make Lou Lou better.

We took the “fairy dust”, and Lou Lou downstairs. We added Lou Lou and the “fairy dust” to the washer. I told the kids to cross their fingers. We all went back upstairs. I told them I heard something downstairs, so I better go check to see what it was. I opened the washer took out Lou Lou, and put her in the trash. I took the American Doll out, and put her in the dryer. (I did not turn on the dryer)

A little later the kids were ready to go see what the “fairy dust” had done to Lou Lou. We all looked in the washer…I exclaimed “Oh My Gosh, Lou Lou is gone. My son said, “lets look in the dryer. He opens the dryer and says, What the heck is this? It kinda looks like Lou Lou.” My daughter picks up the doll, looks at it and says “this is Mianna.” I was floored! She just made up that name out of the blue. Mianna went on to be a part of her life after that episode.

Have you made up stories to get rid of things?

Cane Corso Naps on 15 Year Old Son


New Apps

I am one of those people constantly looking for Apps that make life a little easier. If you read my blog last week for Tech Tuesday I shared my frustration of being texted while at the grocery store. Going down aisles I already went down to collect groceries is monotonous. Any who…I post my blog to Facebook, and one of my friends suggested “Our Groceries”, this is an app that everyone in the family can get, and it is free with the advertisements, and $4.99 ad free.

While you are looking at apps for grocery stores. You might also want to try “Quick Scan” it is an app that will allow you to compare prices of what ever it is you are shopping for that day.

Finally, “” get the deals you deserve. Everyone wants to save money, so now you can do it from your iPhone.

If you have any additional apps. that are grocery store related add them to the list.

Casey Roberts

When I met Casey Roberts we were both students at Herron Art School. I was an Art History major, and he was an artist. Although as an Art History major we had to take an art class…I just suck at art. I enjoy viewing art. I started collecting art when I worked at the ¬†Albright-Knox art gallery in Buffalo, New York.

While I attended Herron I also worked in the Art Gallery as the Assistant Director. It was a fun job. Besides the students work, we also held other shows for artists as far away as Germany.

While we were in the process of prepping for the student art show there were several artists that stuck out to me. I was drawn to the work of Casey Roberts and Melissa Martin (I think that was her name) I purchased their work. It was really hard to narrow down my choices. I had to keep going through the gallery and looking at the choices.

The piece of art that I owned that Melissa did was stolen from my house along with many other pieces I owned. The one I own of Casey was not on the wall at the time of the robbery.

The print that Casey did takes the viewer out of the everyday. I enjoy art that transports my soul to another dimension. This is one of those pieces. Although this is an abstract painting it reminds me of two nuns walking through a dark corridor. Everyone sees something different. Maybe even Maids In Waiting going to attend a Queen that has just given birth. If you are interested in the work of Casey Robert click here.IMG_2644