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One Nice Present

Mothers Day 2007 my husband took me to the Lexus dealer. I finally got to trade in my mini van for something I wanted. The color of Lexus I wanted just came in the night before, and they hadn’t even taken the plastic off the seats. I was so excited. I asked our sells man if I could have a bow on my Lexus. He told me “We only do that for Christmas.” I told him…”This is a special day for Mom’s all over the world. I want a bow or I will go somewhere else to get a car.” He then told me “We will get your bow.”

Since it was Sunday, they had to call someone with the keys to the shop to get the bow. They asked me if it would be ok if they got a different bow since they would have to call the guy in that had the day off to get the key. Are you kidding me? No, I said…I want the bow.” The guy came in, and put the bow on the Lexus for me. Photo_050607_001

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