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Casey Roberts

When I met Casey Roberts we were both students at Herron Art School. I was an Art History major, and he was an artist. Although as an Art History major we had to take an art class…I just suck at art. I enjoy viewing art. I started collecting art when I worked at the  Albright-Knox art gallery in Buffalo, New York.

While I attended Herron I also worked in the Art Gallery as the Assistant Director. It was a fun job. Besides the students work, we also held other shows for artists as far away as Germany.

While we were in the process of prepping for the student art show there were several artists that stuck out to me. I was drawn to the work of Casey Roberts and Melissa Martin (I think that was her name) I purchased their work. It was really hard to narrow down my choices. I had to keep going through the gallery and looking at the choices.

The piece of art that I owned that Melissa did was stolen from my house along with many other pieces I owned. The one I own of Casey was not on the wall at the time of the robbery.

The print that Casey did takes the viewer out of the everyday. I enjoy art that transports my soul to another dimension. This is one of those pieces. Although this is an abstract painting it reminds me of two nuns walking through a dark corridor. Everyone sees something different. Maybe even Maids In Waiting going to attend a Queen that has just given birth. If you are interested in the work of Casey Robert click here.IMG_2644

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