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Le Pallottole by Carlo Lasinio

This is one of the oldest pieces that I own. The artist was Carlo Lasinio from Italy. This etching with hand coloring was made in 1790. The etching is of gentleman playing bocce ball. It was a favorite of gentleman. Even today it is third in polarity in the world. The gentleman are dressed as aristocrats, with their sleeves rolled up as they get into the game. I love how the characters are so involved in the game. It really is a fun game!


Happy Sunday


Susan Cox

Oh, this is one of my favorite bathroom paintings. Yep, that is what I said, bathroom. Actually, it is more like the vanity area of the bathroom, but still…bathroom.

The year I purchased a set of baby chicks it was around Easter season. I already had some water foul in my bathroom why not add some chicks too. These are so adorable, and they have the fluff appeal. Personally, I would rather view these, instead of the real thing. These are ones I don’t have to clean up after, and they wont be coyote snacks.

I had to have two since I usually buy at least two from every artist that I collect. Right? I know, I know…justification. Well take a look, you will fall for them too.

If you are interested in work by Susan Cox go here.




Our First House

This is a photo of what our house looked like all those years ago before we did reconstruction to the house.

Picture 27

Luke G. Adkins

Although, I am smitten with the name of America Adkins. I have to give information about Luke G. Adkins. He was the father of America, and I found much of the information that I know about him on “Rootsweb” a long time ago

Luke was born 12 October 1830.  He participated in the American Civil War, and was described as 5’8 fair complected with blue green eyes, and brown hair. He was part of the 7th calvary. He was also a corporal.


Civil War Veteran *Luke G Adkins wairing both his civil war medals ,The West Virginia 7th Cav and the Civil War Service medal that was giving in 1907 for service by the War Department orders NO #12 For military service April 15th 1861 through April l9th 1865 1907. He was a Cpl in the 7th WV Inf. Son of Hamilton Adkins and Jenny Lovejoy


War Department Master RollsDec 21 1861 at Buffalo Va. 3 years and is reported Dec 31 1862 present. To July 28 1863 absent in arrest. To April 10 1863 ( special muster) present in confinement awaiting sentence of court marshal. To April 30 1863 present,returned to duty April 28 1863. To Dec 31 1863 present. Reinlisted in same Co. Regt. July 1 1864. To June 30 1865 present. Mustered out with Co. Aug 1 1865 at Charleston W. Va. Regt. return for March 1864 reports Vets absent on furlough. He is not reported a man absent as sick. Luke G Adkins served with the union Army during the Civil War and inlisted Feb 1 1864 in Co. K of the 7 Reg’t W. Va. Cav, Commanded by Capt. Elias Powell and was honorably discharged Aug 1 1865 in Charleston W. Va. On July 30 1883 In Lincoln W.V. Luke G Adkins applied for his Civil War Pension. He states that he is 50 years old and that in Febuary or March 1864 while on a raid from the New Hope River to Salem Va. he contracted a cold which settled in his lungs and gave him Pulmonary disease which deprives him of the power of speech and renders him unable to breathe freely. On same raid named above by being to march 7 days in succession he contracted spinal disease and never recovered and from above diseases and unable to perform manual labor by reason of same and he claims pension on lung and spinal disease. He says that he is total disabled and is a farmer. On Jan 19 1884 he was denied. After many years of being refused he again writes on March 1901 that while serving at Bridge Port Virginia Dec 1863 while in the service line of duty while watering his horse jumped over a bank and received and injury of his testicles and was badly hurt other wise by the same at Charleston West Virginia about the year 1865 after firing a salute caused him to become deaf to some extent and can’t hear well. He did not receive his Pension until Oct 10 1906 of $10.00 a month and was later cut to $6.00. He was receiving $30.00 a month in 1919 when he died and his wife Mary refiled for his pension.General Affidavitt [ Two Persons ] 3 Sep 1919 Hager, Lincoln County, West VirginiaWilliam Lafeyette Adkins so states in th Pension of Luke G Adkins I W.L Adkins do say that I was at the home of Luke G Adkins shortly after his death, I was also at the Burial, and will say that he died on the 25th day of July, 1919, and was buried on the 27th day of July ,1919 William L Adkins is the Son to Luke G Adkins. HagerAmbrose aged 47 years, so states in the Pension of Luke G Adkins I Ambrose Adkins do state that I was at the home of Luke G Adkins, shortly after his death, and assisted in the dressing and preparing for the funeral, and know that the death occurred on the 25th day of July, 1919, and was buried in the Family Cemetery, known as the Adkins Cemetery. Ambrose was son of James Willis Adkins and Elizabeth “Betty” Burns Adkins. These Documents were transcribed by R. R. Adkins

He had a sister named America, and then in his second marriage Rebecca Lovejoy he names his daughter after his sister. His sister America was four years younger.

Here is his obit…


July 31 1919 Thur- SIAS NEWS- “Uncle Luke G Adkins of Hager died Friday night. He was one of the oldest citizens of this section, being up in 90 years and had been ill for some time. Roy;There is a headstone in the Luke Cemetery on Big Laurel that matches this one. It is a civil war Headstone.] I saw it in the Paper,AngieJuly 31 1919 Thur- BERNIE NEWS- Uncle Luke Adkins died at his home on Big Laurel Friday afternoon and burial services occurred Sunday morning at the Plumley Cemetery. [There is a headstone in the Luke Cemetery on Big Laurel that matches this one. It is a civil war Headstone.] Children of Luke G Adkins and Laura Plumley were: Sylvester Clayburn, Clayborne G., Charlie Mosine. William Lafayette, and Mary Susan.Of Luke and Rebecca Lovejoy were; Virginia B., Isaiah Frances and America.Of Luke and Mary Jane Lucas Tabor were; Clementine, Pembrook Arvil, Parker Lonzo, James Robert and Floyd Hamilton.His step children were; Laura Tabor, Charles Wesley Tabor and Jessie M Tabor




One Nice Present

Mothers Day 2007 my husband took me to the Lexus dealer. I finally got to trade in my mini van for something I wanted. The color of Lexus I wanted just came in the night before, and they hadn’t even taken the plastic off the seats. I was so excited. I asked our sells man if I could have a bow on my Lexus. He told me “We only do that for Christmas.” I told him…”This is a special day for Mom’s all over the world. I want a bow or I will go somewhere else to get a car.” He then told me “We will get your bow.”

Since it was Sunday, they had to call someone with the keys to the shop to get the bow. They asked me if it would be ok if they got a different bow since they would have to call the guy in that had the day off to get the key. Are you kidding me? No, I said…I want the bow.” The guy came in, and put the bow on the Lexus for me. Photo_050607_001

These Little Piggies

No, I don’t own any pigs, but aren’t these cute? I haven’t gone that country. IMG_2811


Castoro Cellars

Technology is not just about typing something out on your keyboard, and being in the comfort of your own home. Everyone has to make a personal connection too. Recently, I found the “Women in Business” group here in Paso Robles. I went to my first luncheon at Castoro Cellars. There was wine that was served, and it was “damn fine wine.” I usually am not a fan of white whine, but I loved the Chardonnay they served. There was music, and lots of food from vendors all over Paso. I met lots of really wonderful ladies, and I met my new partner for a business that we think will be a great one.

Instead of just tapping on your keyboard…get out there, and find some groups of women to network and have fun. IMG_2617

Christine George

Every painting I own, there is an emotional connection. One other art collector told me “there comes a time when your art collection becomes an obsession, and you have no more room in your house. So you are forced to sell some of them.” Well, my house is full, but that is why I have to have a museum. Right?

This painting was choosen because I love horses, and then adding the historical aspect with the horse was a bonus. The protection for the horse was used by those that had the money to protect their valuable livestock. Did you notice the sun burst on the top of the head? One of my favorite icons! We use sunburst as part of our logo for Terreni D Oro.

If you are interested in art, photography, or gifts by Christine go here