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Grocery Store Texting

The other day while I was at the grocery store I ask my daughter by text…”Do you want anything from the grocery store?” I then get a whole long list of everything that we needed. She went into the pantry and was adding to her list. I was the mom taking a photo of Mac and Cheese. Oh yeah, that was me.

Let me explain…I don’t eat Mac and Cheese, and the last time I purchased Mac and Cheese I got the wrong one. I noticed there are all kinds of different disgusting flavors of Mac and Cheese. She texted “get the original flavor”.

While I was in the freezer aisle a guy saw me looking through the test messages, and he said “the kids want ice cream?” I started to laugh, and ask him what his kids were asking for today. He told me “I turned my phone off.” I admitted “I made the mistake of asking.” Sometimes technology is a bitch.

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