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John Henry Persinger

John Henry Persinger was born 1752, and lived in an area named “Rich Patch”  of Alleghany county Virginia. His father was Jacob Persinger. It was believed that he was stolen by Native American’s, then given to a Persinger family during a treaty between the  New England people and the Naitve Americans. Jacob was never happy being away from the Native American family that he knew. He fought for the revolutionary war, and after the war was given land for his contribution.

John grew up around other families that knew the Native Americans. Although the Persingers were Christian they had a deep respect for the Native American way of life. John was in the 128th regiment of the militia. He was an officer, Lieutenant Colonel.

He left a will, and part of which is…

In the name of god! Amen!  I Henry Persinger of the County of Alleghanyand State of Virginia being this the abundant mercy of god, in perfectmemory and understanding, I do constitute this my last Will and Testamentas followeth, towit, Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Grizzythe whole of my Estate, both personal and real at her own disposal exceptas is hereafter mentioned, that is, Item I give and bequeath to my belovedson John now deceased, that is his Children twenty Shillings to be equallydivided among them.  Item I give and bequeath to all the rest of mybeloved Children that is, Andrew, Jacob, Sampson, Mary Bennet, PeggyPatterson, Rebecky Tingler, Sally Persinger, Elizabeth Persinger and RuthyHumphries, each of them Twenty Shillings,  I do hereby constitute mybeloved wife Grizzy and my beloved son Sampson my Sole Executors of thismy last ____ and Testament.-  In  Witness where of I have hereunto Set myhand and Seal this 25th day of November anno Dom:, 1824 Signed Sealed andacknowledged In presence of----------------Jacob Persinger Sen.rHenry Persinger (SEAL) Samuel Erwin Adam QuickleAlleghany County, January Court, 1825 The above Instrument of writingpurporting to be the last will and testament of Henry Persinger deceased,was presented in Court and was duly proved by the Oaths of Jacob PersingerSen.r, Samuel Irvin and Adam Quickle the subscribing witnesses there to,to have been duly executed and acknowledged by the said deceased and thesame is ordered to be recorded. Oliver Callaghan C.A.C.
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