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Bob The Builder

When my children were young they did not watch too much television, but my son loved Bob The Builder. At the time Bob The Builder was on television we were having our house renovated. The whole house was jacked up, I mean literally, the jacks were all around the house as the basement was being dug out by the contractors.

Everyday for ten months we had to get up early, and I had to take the children outside to  play all day. We had a picnic everyday, and the kids did art and plant projects. One day, my son really did not want to go outside to do anything. He did not want his vehicle to be moved from it’s parking space…so being the mom I am I grabbed the camera. Here is how it went down that day.

He refused to leave the vehicle…

Logitech Exif JPEG


Still not going…Logitech Exif JPEG


Don’t MOVE BOB!!!Logitech Exif JPEG


This is not the parking space!

Logitech Exif JPEG


I am getting MAD!

Logitech Exif JPEG


YOU can’t catch me!

Logitech Exif JPEG



Picture 21


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