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Apple Tease…

Alright, it is about that time…time for Apple to tease those of us that crave something sweet from Apple. I just haven’t felt the anxiety this time. What is it? Is it that there haven’t been enough rumors? Where are the accidental leaks? I mean really! Those little leaks keep my interest up, and I am sure that I am not the only one. It is almost like being part of an elite club of geeks. Who am I kidding? Being an Apple geek is a club.

Since I was in high school I had a crush on Steve Jobs. Since high school I could’t wait to have an Apple device. When I went to college, I always went to the Mac’s to email, and write my papers. Then I fell for the Newton, it was like an iPad only ahead of it’s time. th

Now, I am an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac Book Pro junkie. Yep, I said it…Apple has me hooked. I so enjoy perusing the Apple store in person or online. I so miss the Keynote by Steve, but I am still with Apple. I just want an iPhone leak soon, so I can get JAZZED!

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