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Windy Lampson

Dreaming of being Medici like in my life, I often hunt for artist that appeal to my heart. I have to “feel” their passion that in transferred to the canvas. When I see it, I know it. One of the themes I love is “women reading”. The theme it’s self speaks to me in a deep way. Sometimes I look for the theme on purpose, and others I stumble upon an artist that is selling a painting with the theme.

Windy was one of those that I just happened to find one of those nights that I was perusing the web. In search of nothing that ended up being something spectacular. Her website found here is pure eye candy.  The automobile on her cover webpage is one that is hard to take your eyes off, with all the shininess. The reflections of buildings on the car, and the glimpses of faces. It is breath taking.

The painting that I had to have was of a young lady working away at trying to solve a puzzle.  Although the title was a girl solving Sudoku, she could be solving any number of other puzzles or even a work book. The young lady is sitting on a worn leather sofa that looks soft and inviting. A place that anyone would feel comfortable. As she is resting her head in her hands she contemplates her next move. Her sweater sleeves are rolled up, and ready to get on with her day. The green scarf around she wears around her neck adds a punch of color to her off white sweater. The sweater shows there is a texture, and is light and airy. The crumpled piece of paper is a little mystery…was this a note to someone?

I loved this piece so much that I asked Windy to do a commission of my daughter and myself reading. She did, and we love it!IMG_2579

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