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Cheers To All Our Ancestors!

Do you ever rejoice in the day to day? I do! Everyday, I am thankful for ALL our ancestors. There were only a handful of people that lived an easy life. I know that Hollywood and media wants everyone to believe that life was so easy, but if you believe that then you need a guardian to take care of you. Even people that seemingly had it well had their own private hell that they had to go though every day.

I thank ALL our ancestors everyday. Without each of them making the contributions they made we would not have the lives we have today. One of the bronze statues that is in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California is a testament to the earliest wine makers. When I own a winery I want something similar to this bronze. A way to pay homage to the men and women that made wine. It was hard grueling work! Happy July 4th! Remember that our freedom did not come freely. The men, boys, women, and girls contributed to make this land we live in free. Cheers! Cheers, to all though that have come before us to make our lives better, easier, and free! IMG_2235

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