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Worms of Gold

Not to freak you out or anything, but I feel guilty about leaving our worms in the Bay Area. Ok…let me start from the beginning. When my son was only 18 months old I purchased a book about worms. I forgot the name of the book, but I am sure I still have it somewhere. The book got me thinking about the amounts of garbage that we as consumers just add to the landfills throughout the world.

Being a lover of history I often wonder what our ancestors did with their food waste. I am sure some was given to animals, however I give extra credit to our ancestors. I am sure someone, probably a woman, noticed the pile of compost where the worms were decomposed faster. The matter under the worms was rich, and some of the seeds from plants that were in the compost were growing really well. Ok…I don’t know that for sure, but it sounds good to me.

Back to the story…My son loved that we had a worm box. We kept it at the top of the hill, and he put the coffee grounds, apple cores, strawberry tops, corn cobs, banana peels, used paper towels, mail that only had soy based inks, and lots of other things. It was part of his childhood. It became part of our ritual. Filling up our compost bucket, and sharing it with the worms.

I never want my children to become a part of the “throwaway society”. Everything we buy cost money, and it ends up somewhere. When we make a conscious decision to buy something our family considers where it is made. How is it made? Once it is home, I want my family to use it, and after it has had a life with us. We give goods to family, friends, and our community. In that order. The worms are part of the life cycle. The worms end up with finished products for us, but the beginning for them. The bacteria breaks down the food, and the worms actually eat the bacteria.  The poo from the worms is really great for plants, as well as “worm tea”. Worm tea is made from the poo, and water is added. There was a study by the Japanese that found the “worm tea” helps repeal other insects. Many orchard are now using this system instead of harmful insecticides. Isn’t that great?!

Now, we accidentally left our worms behind. I feel guilty every time we throw something in the garbage that could have gone to the worms. We changed that today. We ordered new worms, and new composting systems. My son is going to start his own business selling worms, worm tea, and worm castings. The name for his worm business is “Worms of Gold”. He came to this decision since our ranch name is “Terreni D Oro” (Land of Gold) The worms are growing up on “Terreni D Oro”, so they are golden worms just like the sun. I know it may sound bizarre to some, but this is a step to restore soil, recycle food waste, and reuse the waste of the worms. You may laugh now, however pretty soon there will be a moratorium on allowing some waste material to be thrown into the “trash”. IMG_1123

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