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Back To School

Here it is…I can’t believe it. Back to school is just around the corner. Are you ready? Every year, I take the time to find good deals for back to school. I mean, really, it cost so much money to clothe children. I want my kids to look great, but I hate dragging them to the store.  I have been shopping on line for everything I possibly can all the time. I have for years. I like getting the clothes in packages that no one else has tried. This year I got the sizes all wrong, but it was no problem. I sent everything back with no hassle. I did not have to go back to the store or anything. Just slap on the tag, take it to the post office, and wham…money back in my pocket. Or at least until I have to re-buy pants that are two sizes bigger than I thought. UGH!

Wishing all of you “good luck” during this hectic time of back to school shopping. What are you secrets to getting it all done?

Windy Lampson

Dreaming of being Medici like in my life, I often hunt for artist that appeal to my heart. I have to “feel” their passion that in transferred to the canvas. When I see it, I know it. One of the themes I love is “women reading”. The theme it’s self speaks to me in a deep way. Sometimes I look for the theme on purpose, and others I stumble upon an artist that is selling a painting with the theme.

Windy was one of those that I just happened to find one of those nights that I was perusing the web. In search of nothing that ended up being something spectacular. Her website found here is pure eye candy.  The automobile on her cover webpage is one that is hard to take your eyes off, with all the shininess. The reflections of buildings on the car, and the glimpses of faces. It is breath taking.

The painting that I had to have was of a young lady working away at trying to solve a puzzle.  Although the title was a girl solving Sudoku, she could be solving any number of other puzzles or even a work book. The young lady is sitting on a worn leather sofa that looks soft and inviting. A place that anyone would feel comfortable. As she is resting her head in her hands she contemplates her next move. Her sweater sleeves are rolled up, and ready to get on with her day. The green scarf around she wears around her neck adds a punch of color to her off white sweater. The sweater shows there is a texture, and is light and airy. The crumpled piece of paper is a little mystery…was this a note to someone?

I loved this piece so much that I asked Windy to do a commission of my daughter and myself reading. She did, and we love it!IMG_2579

SLO Mid State Fair


Golden Gate Park

Just a fantastic photo…IMG_2277


Do you remember what it is like to be 22? My oldest niece just turned 22 a few weeks ago, and now she is all grown. When she was 15 she came out to visit in California. She was young and impressionable.

My wish for her is for her to find her passion. She is very talented, and has much that she can share with the world. IMG_0924IMG_0962_r1

One Big Sign

Before we found this ranch, we looked for 7 years. It was a long seven years too. One gentleman promised we would have a house, and we stayed in escrow for 9 months. My husband was heartbroken. One day on our way home from Santa Barbara we stopped to drive by the property. We saw the photo below, and I knew it was done. When I pray I ask for big signs that I can’t ignore. I have even said out loud in my prayers…You know I don’t do subtle, so show me something unmistakable. I would say this sign was pretty clear. It looks like a giant foot to me. What do you think?IMG_3613



Nothing New Under The Sun

When I took Latin, this was one of my favorite quotes. Sure, we have types of technology that the Romans did not have, then again there are things they have engineered that we have a hard time duplicating. So many architectural features that we are just bringing back were just amazing.

I was recently at the Mission San Miguel, and I had that same feeling of awe when admiring how and why they did what they did. The overhang areas serve many purposes. Snakes don’t like crawling on the cold bricks, and the shades around the building helps keep the whole area cooler. When it is raining people could walk from one area to another and keep dry. There are areas by the door that channel the water away from the building. When water and/or plants are too close to a building the water and roots of plants undermine the structure of the foundation.

Courtyards in the center of the buildings provided privacy and outdoor entertainment. Gardens in the courtyard, a place for the pets of the household.  Water collection and storage could also be accessed from the courtyard. Many had rain gutters that were attached to a system in the center, and the water would be stored in cisterns. When the cistern was attached to a fountain this allowed the water to move and aerate.

I know this is not new, but something more and more are thinking about as we build smarter and more efficient homes. As we marry the old with the new. Saving our resources and utilizing the smartest way we can. IMG_2555

Sunset in San Miguel, CA