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Grandma and Grandpa Gray

My Grandma and Grandpa lived much different lives, and I am sure they would be surprised by how the times have changed. Both of them came from large families. Grandma was on of those super special people. When we were young we could not wait to see her on our trips to West Virginia. I would stay up and talk to my dad the whole time he was driving to West Virginia. Now, that I think about it…Wow, that must have been super annoying! LOL! My mom, sister, and brother slept in the back of our Pinto wagon, and I sat in the front seat and talked about history. I would do a review of what I have been reading. Anyway, there was lots of anticipation on our eight hour drive.

Once we would get there it was usually late in the evening. My dad would pop the hatchback, and I would run to grandma’s door. She knew we were coming, so she would stay awake until we got there. My sister and I were the lucky ones that got to sleep in the bed with grandma. Poor grandma, we talked to her until the sun came up in the morning. By the time we woke up she was in the kitchen making some biscuits, gravy, bacon, eggs, and whatever anyone wanted. I tell you, to this day, I have not tasted eggs the way she made them. I can’t even make eggs as good as hers.

She was one of the best people I have ever known. I loved her so much! She was one of those people that knew how to hug too. Not those two second hugs, but she held on to you, and let you know she loved you with all her heart. All of us grandkids thought we were the favorite, but really she loved all of us.

When I was even younger my Uncle Jerry was at the house. He loved watching Batman. I would sit right beside him, and watch with him. During commercials he would wrestle with us. If the show was a repeat he would put his elbow over mine, and I would put mine on his, and keep it up as we laughed. Quiet, during the show though. I missed seeing him at the house once he was married and moved out of grandma’s house.

Grandpa worked in the coal mines when he was younger, and even though I lived with grandma and grandpa when I was very young I don’t remember too much of grandpa. I know everyone loved and missed him since he died at a young age. I often wonder what they would think of technology, and if either of them would utilize it. I think grandma would. One of my fondest memories is of grandma turning on her giant console stereo, and asking my sister and I to show her the latest dances. Everyone would crack up laughing, and we did not just do dances but do whole choreographed routines.

Here is grandma and grandpa when they were younger…Back Camera

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