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Making Of Memories

I could not imagine even writing this post before now, since this whole month has been so emotional. The school my children attended over the last 9 years was so special. The memories that were made for them, and for the parents are memories that are going to stay with them for the rest of their lives. Every morning before school they had special lines that where each class would stand and say the “Pledge of Allegiance”, pray for any family or friends, and have their names called for birthdays. It was a must to stay while the children were young. Being able to tell them bye one last time before I would see them at the end of the day. As the years went by they would move around the square. It was emotional to see the line of 8th graders gone for a week, but then the 7th grade would be allowed to move over to show they would be the new leaders of the school.

There were school families. As the children grew they grew into new responsibilities. They had times that they had to donate to help the homeless, medical supplies for foreign countries, traffic duty, and so much more. They were taught at an early age to help each other. The children they went to school with were part of their family. I believe third grade was when the “big” third graders went on walks through the neighborhood with the Kindergartners. Every grade would do something special with the other grades. On Thanksgiving and a few other holidays groups from K to 8 gather for little meals. Each of them have something special to do or bring for the celebrations.

Halloween, is too fun! Every grade dresses up, even the teachers and principal dress up for the day. There is a parade, and a haunted house that the 8th grade make up for 4th grade and up to attend.

When your child is a Kindergartener they get to place a ribbon around the neck of the with graders. The seventh graders are narrators for the whole ceremony. A candle is given to one of the eighth graders for them to carry on the light of knowing that Corpus Christi will be there with them. The children of the school will continue to pray for them, and Corpus will always be a place they are welcome. Oh, the tears that I shed when each of my children were the ones that gave the ribbons, and then when my son got a ribbon… I almost ran out of tears. I could not go to the others since I cried so hard at the ones my children actually were participants. I did not want to ruin it for other parents.

So many rituals. These traditions were like footprints in the sand. They made impressions on the children and the parents. The day of ribbon ceremony the 8th graders all hang their robes on the fence. It really leaves an impression. These silk robes mark the real beginning of babies that are growing up so fast. The traditions of the school make the whole experience an everlasting memorial of the time that was spent in this special place. It wasn’t just a school. It was a family that we moved away from earlier this month. IMG_2422

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