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Henry Spinke from Saint Mary’s City, Maryland

The Spinke (It has been shorten to Spink) family has had a long running familiarity with the Jesuits. Henry was born in 1621. He was born after the expulsion of Catholics by Queen Elizabeth, and being Catholic was very dangerous. Many Catholics lost their lives through Martyrdom. There were always pockets of Catholics in hiding, finding ways to keep the faith that had become a fabric of their very existence.

Cecil Calvert would become a becon of hope for Catholics in England. His father George worked for the King James I. George worked as Secretary, and as such he tried to secure a marriage between the Spanish Princess and the Prince. An agreement for marriage between the two could not be made, so George vacated his post as Secretary. George also converted to his original religion of Catholicism. When he was younger he was forced to become Anglican. King James granted the land that is Maryland to George. This is a quit a feat, with conflicts brewing daily like a tornado from all sides the King gives land to a Catholic. George was also given Princely rights, which allow one to raise an army, collect taxes, make laws, and give land to whomever he wishes. When establishing this new land he creates a charter that allows people to worship they way they wish. Neither Catholic or Protestant would be the dominate.


The house pictured is where Henry was born. It is the Wakemans house. The Wakemans house is the keeper of  law and order. Religious affiliation could be deadly, so the Spinke family sailed to the “New World”.

Henry goes on to Marry Eleanor Edwards, and the two of them had 7 children Ann, Thomas, Elizabeth, Henry, Edward, William, and Francis. Through the family line the names Xavier, Francis, and Ignatius repeat. Showing us the association to the Jesuits.

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