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Momma Hawk

This was way out on a country road. The weeks we passed the Red Tail Hawk and her fledgling my husband slowed so I could photograph the two of them.



Look At The Birdie


Oh Dear, It Is A Deer

The day we had a wind storm there was a deer lying in the grass. I took several photos, and this one is the one I believe is the most beautiful. IMG_2356

Happy Mothers Day!

Hope all the mom’s I know got very special gifts…no matter what color the box is, it is all good! Happy Mothers Day!IMG_5478

Our Dog With A Blog

We have completely stereotyped our dogs. We have two Italian Mastiffs (Cane Corso). We just love them to pieces. They are funny dogs. They utilized my saucers for the potted plants as sleds. Since the saucers were the terra cotta saucers they broke after the sled ride was over. The two of them are sisters, and they play tag and with their toys until they are exhausted. During dinner time, the two of them rest near our table waiting for my husband to offer them something. The more muscular one is Sheba (not pictured). We imagine that she colors with a blue crayon. Not knowing how to spell, and having her sister Sadie explain things to her all the time, as she rolls her eyes. IMG_0490

As we have dinner we even add voices. Sadie has an accent that is British, and she is an intellectual. She types at night, and post on her blog about her crazy Italian family. Writes about the fun she had playing in the yard, what kind of people hung out at the park, and what strange animals she saw at the ranch. Sadie has one crooked nail on her right paw, and that is what we refer to as her delete nail. She has used it so many times it is a little crooked.

Sadie has such great expressions on her face. She has these soft loving eyes, and Sheba has more play, play, play eyes. Sheba will sometimes PUSH Sadie into playing when Sadie doesn’t feel like playing. Sheba will buck like a horse around in circles in front of Sadie, and Sadie will huff at her like she is annoyed. Sadie always gives into Sheba’s will to play. Sadie waits quietly for dinner to end, but as soon as Sheba thinks dinner is coming to a close she will rest her chin on the table by my husband. He is the one that will give scraps to the dogs.

Sadie on the other hand goes to my son, and moves his arm to go around her like he is giving her a side hug. She is very forceful about it too. It is almost like she is at the table for love, not food.

She could almost be “grumpy dog”. Be careful or you will end up in her blog. LOL

Betty Crocker

Here is Betty Crocker in the yard looking for food. My kids named her Betty Crocker, which I find hysterical. So, I thought I would share with all of you. IMG_2206

Inhale…Count To Three…Exhale. Better?


Henry Spinke from Saint Mary’s City, Maryland

The Spinke (It has been shorten to Spink) family has had a long running familiarity with the Jesuits. Henry was born in 1621. He was born after the expulsion of Catholics by Queen Elizabeth, and being Catholic was very dangerous. Many Catholics lost their lives through Martyrdom. There were always pockets of Catholics in hiding, finding ways to keep the faith that had become a fabric of their very existence.

Cecil Calvert would become a becon of hope for Catholics in England. His father George worked for the King James I. George worked as Secretary, and as such he tried to secure a marriage between the Spanish Princess and the Prince. An agreement for marriage between the two could not be made, so George vacated his post as Secretary. George also converted to his original religion of Catholicism. When he was younger he was forced to become Anglican. King James granted the land that is Maryland to George. This is a quit a feat, with conflicts brewing daily like a tornado from all sides the King gives land to a Catholic. George was also given Princely rights, which allow one to raise an army, collect taxes, make laws, and give land to whomever he wishes. When establishing this new land he creates a charter that allows people to worship they way they wish. Neither Catholic or Protestant would be the dominate.


The house pictured is where Henry was born. It is the Wakemans house. The Wakemans house is the keeper of  law and order. Religious affiliation could be deadly, so the Spinke family sailed to the “New World”.

Henry goes on to Marry Eleanor Edwards, and the two of them had 7 children Ann, Thomas, Elizabeth, Henry, Edward, William, and Francis. Through the family line the names Xavier, Francis, and Ignatius repeat. Showing us the association to the Jesuits.

Gone Too Early

Our family friend Matizella often joined us for Sunday dinner with my MIL. She was beautiful both inside and out, and a sweet disposition. She came to America with other family members, and worked her way up the ladder. She saved money to send  for each one of her family members. Once they arrived in America she would help them find a job, and each one went to college.Picture 17

This photo is when my daughter turned 2 years old. We had no idea at the time that this would be one of the last times we would see her. One of the harsh lessons of life, every moment is precious!

My mother in law and Martizella were very close. She was like a daughter my mother in law never had. The two of them went on vacation together, and the two of them had a spat over something trivial. One of them wanted to do something the other did not and they did not speak to each other. Then one day…It was very, very, hot that day. I finally had some alone time. My husband took the kids out so I could spend some time alone. I wanted to watch a foreign flick, so I watched “Italian For Beginners”. It is not a movie you want to watch with children, barking dogs, or any other distracting elements. Anyway, I was really getting into the movie when the phone started to ring, ring, and ring. It must be important since this person is unrelenting with the phone calls.

I went to answer the phone. “Hello”, I hear nothing on the other end…”Hello”, I say with a sarcastic, questioning tone. Martizella ask me “Can you talk?” I tell her “Not right now, I am trying to watch a movie that I have wanted to see for a while now.” She then says “Alright, I will call you at another time.” I start to get back into the movie. The phone starts again..I answer, and it is Martizella. I ask her, “Can this wait?” She says, “No, I can’t wait!” This is very important. I sit down on the stool by the phone. She proceeds to tell me “I have an advance stage of cancer, and it is terminal.” What? YOU HAVE CANCER? Yes, she says. I don’t know how long I have to live. I want you to make me a promise. OK! What is it that you want me to do? She then tells me that she doesn’t want me to tell my mother in law that she is sick. I promise her that I won’t tell her.

My husband arrives home, and he ask me what is wrong. I tell him about Martizella, and he says that he will be the one to tell his mom. He tells her, and she says “Oh great, she gets sicker than I am.” The two of them never spoke to each other again. My mother in law died before Martizella, and she was too sick to come to the funeral of my MIL. The two of them had cancer at the same time, and instead of being friends to the end they never shared the love they felt for one another. Every moment we have on earth is time to forgive each other and move forward. We all have our flaws, when we say sorry we need to accept the apology instead of waiting for the “right” apology. We are human, we make mistakes.

Love each other!

Barns, Beautiful Barns