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When my children were young, we would often go to the library, Market, and a local toy store. Actually, my husband and I went to the toy store before we even had our first baby. It was a special toy store, and there was never a time that we entered the store then left the place empty handed.

My husband had to leave for a business trip, so I took the kids to the toy store. I took the stroller since my daughter was still young. We went to the bakery and purchased  fresh cup cakes. The kids ate the cup cakes as we listened to BART roar over us. Our little outing then ended with our toy store visit. There is a car track that is set up for children to play with while their parents shop, but my kids like to look at whatever I was viewing. Out of all the beanie babies, lego’s, and balls, my kids wanted brooms. I promise! It is true. I have photos!

We stroll back home with the brooms, and the kids can’t wait to use them. They sweep the sidewalk going home. My daughter wants to sweep as she is pushed in the stroller. She was under three, I did not push anyone in the stroller past three years of age. Logitech Exif JPEG

Once we got home…I fed the children, and then they wanted to sweep the house. I started taking photos of my daughter, and she got so mad. She kept saying “NO MORE PHOTOS”, but she looked so cute I could not resist. She would not let go of her broom. I know the kids had those brooms for a long time. They even graduated to vacuum cleaners. Hey, they were amazing little helpers. It was fun aggravating them every once in a while. Don’t judge me!

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