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I must admit, I really love doing something different. My husband knows I really love taking the back roads to get to a destination. He tries to plan ahead to take us for a nice drive when we are traveling, and I so appreciate it. One of my favorite things to do is take photographs of our travels. IMG_2125

As we were on this road a bee got into the cab of the truck. My daughter saw the bee right beside her on the seat. She ask me “Momma, do you have a hankie that I use to pick up this bee so I don’t kill him?” First, I looked for a tissue so we could let him go out the window. My husband in the mean time got his hankie out so she could use his. I found my hankie in my purse, and handed that one to her. I did not want his hankie to get dirty. She picks up the bee, and I gently take the hankie with the bee inside and let him go out the window.

We don’t like to kill insects. OMG! I have gone CALIFORNIA!

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