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Valerie Story

When I first started collecting art the one thing I wanted to make sure of was that collecting the art had an impact. I wanted to spread the word about gifted artists, and make sure that other people had the ability to collect art from these gifted people too. Since I was very young I loved art, going to the museum was like going on a mini vacation. I always knew once I had the money to buy real art, not posters or prints, that is something I wanted to invest my money, time, and effort. Help support artist by buying their paintings, spread the word so others could buy their art, and get to know the artist on a personal level.

Just like friends come and go from our lives, alas sometimes I lose touch with an artist. Valerie, was one of the artist that I emailed, and we even spoke to each other on the phone. Each of us had a love for horses, and that was the subject matter for several of the paintings that I commissioned from her.

I saw  couple of painting that she did of horses, and I knew she would be able to paint the horse of my dreams. Here is one of the paintings where she brought my vision to life. IMG_2096

Morgan horses are my favorite, and I really want one that is this color with these markings. I was telling Valerie, and she said “I know exactly what you want.” She really nailed it. When Valerie were talking and emailing each other we were just looking for our dream ranch. Well, now we have the ranch, however I have to wait just a little longer to have my horse. I already have his name picked out…Adonis! What do you think?

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