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Oh, yes I did. Moving is such a pain in the behind. As I cook dinner in the evening trying to remember where I put a pasta tool used to be easy. Now, I have to remember is it up North or down South? UGH! Of course there are beautiful aspects to moving. The new hope that comes with a new address. The new adventures, seeing and exploring new areas. IMG_1880

A couple of days ago we saw the cattle on the move. At our big ranch, we had a cattle breeder  using our land to move some cows, and he had a real cowboy and cowgirl move them. Each of them were on horseback. My most recent encounter with cattle moving was watching young people (too far for my eyes to make out if they were male or female) guide the cattle to another ranch with ATV’s. They were driving them on the road. I was acting like a little kid. I put down my coffee ran upstairs and told the kids to come and look at what they were doing. Oh, it was so exciting to me. I like seeing the cows from a distance. I really like watching them run. OMG! I did not know that they were so adorable running on the ranch. Honestly, I have no idea how fast they run, but it looks like they can really get up and go!


One of Cane Corso’s is obsessed with the cows. I take her for a walk and she just loves watching them move at the ranch next door to us. There are also some cattle across the street on a large hill. She just looks at them as though she was studying them. It is so adorable. The

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