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Spring Break

The last few weeks the whole family has been in the stages of prepping for Spring Break. Since we are also in the process of moving to the country we all know it is going to be a change. We want the kids to transition into being country kids instead of city kids. We want them to be respectful of the environment and understand how important it is to not be a wasteful person. Since the kids were young we have had worm composting in our backyard. My son has got into worm composting so much he has plans to make it his first business. I am a proud mom. IMG_1794


With views like we have it is not too hard to appreciate the beauty. Seeing all things as beautiful is not that hard either. Worms have a special place in our delicate ecosystem. Even though we worked all of Spring Break we had a wonderful time being together as a family. Now, we have to find a way to transport our worms and allow them to have some transition time. LOL!

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