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Blooming Artist

I so enjoy art. Enjoy finding an artist and helping the artist find their way. I know one very special artist, my daughter. She is only a teenager, but she really puts her heart and soul into her work. If she chooses to become an artist I am sure she will be terrific at it.

Both of my children enjoyed art at a young age. My daughter just excelled at it on a different level.Logitech Exif JPEG

Reading Woman

What is it that I love about reading women? The open book, the journey the art takes on when we  are admiring. Relaxed poses, often the woman is somewhere else. We are left wondering…What is she reading? Why is this book so interesting at this time? Is it fiction, non fiction, or maybe her own work. Many of the works of art I own have themes of reading. Many early pieces of art show women reading or pausing from reading. The woman wanted to show that she had status. She was wealthy enough to afford an education. There are even works of art showing women with writing utensils in their mouth to prove to the viewer this woman was at least middle class. She was probably doing family accounting for the store front.

This is my sister reading, and although it is an iPhone 5 cover she was reading the apps. Thanks sissy….IMG_0193


Are you happy? I am a happy person. I enjoy the moments of my life as they come. Pressure is something we all have from time to time. Focusing on doing something worthwhile in every waking moment, and believing that every moment that is lived is worthwhile. Enjoying each moment as they reveal themselves. There are times of sickness, aggravation, and disappointment. Those times are going to happen. Most of the time there are great times. The sun coming up in the morning, the way the sun comes through the window and warms the steps. Enjoying the family photos and art descending the staircase. The way the coffee smells in the morning. That first sip of coffee. Singing to wake up the children (my opera singing is more for humor than an opera house). Listening to jams as I chauffeur the children to school. Proceeding to do the multitude of things I have to get done for a particular day.

When I fold clothes I listen to lectures or sometimes just get into folding. Everyday is a journey, through learning something new, finding something that may have been forgotten, and writing makes my days brighter and rewarding. There are many things I enjoy doing research, photography, genealogy, collecting art, antiques, martial arts, swimming, yoga, Pilates, writing, reading, and having tea or coffee with my friends.

Life is a journey. If you are not enjoying it as it comes reevaluate your dream. Having a dream is one of the greatest gifts. I know my dream is going to come true. It has slowly been revealing itself, and I know I am going to get there.

Write down your dream! Talk about your dream, it may take a while, but you are going to get there. Enjoy the moments! There are going to be thousands of them. Most of those moments are going to be great. Make the most of them. Life is special and as we realize how lucky we are we love life even more everyday. Embrace the richness of your life. When people give advice take what is useful for you…everyone has something they can contribute. Believe in the beauty of others as well as your own beauty. You will be a better person for it.

Smile, and count your blessings. If you want to take a happiness test go here…Authentic Happiness

Ray Hunter

I don’t know what it is about windows, but I love them. It may be the possibilities that lie on the other side, the opening from home on to the world. I like the architecture of old windows, and there is something about shutters that add the extra dimensions, and then there is the bonus of the awning on the window that really adds a little mystery. Potts filled with flowers to have the essence of life, color, and the fragrance.

Ray’s paintings are unbelievably realistic. The first time viewing of the paintings surprised me. The painting here are watercolors. The execution of a water color with such precision is remarkable. The light, and show on the wall above the window. The tiny flowers, the crumbling stucco, the rough exposed brick. One can almost run a hand across the painting and feel the wall.


If you are interested in learning more about Ray’s work…Waterhouse Gallery



Mount Shasta


James Preston Fizer

James was my great, great grandfather. He was born May 19th 1860, in Hurricane West Virginia. One saving grace about being so young during the Civil War was he did not have to fight in such a horrible war. His father did have to serve, so that meant that Margaret had to stay home with three of the children. Margaret also had to watch a few of her own boys go to war.

When he turned 18 he married Mariah Gordon Persinger…there is a town story about her.



James Preston Fizer – Mariah Gordon Persinger and Warper Willow


It is reported that James came from Petersburg, Virginia and that his kinfolk came from Danville, Virginia but there is no proof of this. James was born May 19, 1860 to Peter and Margaret Fizer in Putnam County, West Virginia. His mother’s maiden name may have been Roberts. (it was)


He married Mariah Gordon Persinger on November 23, 1878 at the age of 18. Their children were John Washington, George Leonard, Ephraim Ezra, and Emma, who married Matthew Lovejoy. Most of all his people, it seems, and red hair.


James was a tobacco farmer in Virginia and loved music.


When Mariah died, he married a second time. The second wife’s name was Mary Arthur and they were divorced. He married a third time to a woman with the last name of Craft. They had one girl, Marie.


James died in March 1942 and is supposed to be buried at Persinger Cemetery in Hurricane West Virginia.


Mariah Gordon Persinger was born in Craig County, Virginia about the year 1862. The name of her parents is unknown. Her mother’s maiden name may have been Tingler and her father may have been S W Persinger. She Had three brothers – Jake, Joan, and Russell. (Her dad was George Washington Persinger Sparrowhawk and her mother was Mary Tingler.)



Mariah was lost when her family was crossing the Alleghenies. The family didn’t notice her missing until they had traveled a considerable distance.They went back looking for Mariah but didn’t find her at first. While they were looking for her, the family was attacked by the Indians. During the fight, the Indians captured Jake later to be known as or per Willow. Mariah was found in the family had to run for their lives and let the Indians take Jake.


Mariah married James Preston Fizer on November 23, 1878 in Cabell County West Virginia by C. E. Harbour. She was 16 years old when she was married.


She died when she was 32 in either Putnam or Cabell County’s while the family was moving to cocoa, Kanawha County, WV.


Walker tried to escape from the Indians. It was winter and there was snow on the ground. The Indians had no problem tracking him through the snow. Or per head to get a good lead, so he took off running down the hill and in front of him was a large pile of brush that was covered by a layer of snow. He took a leap into the pile of brush and then, using the brush as a springboard, he jumped a long way down the hillside. The Indians came to the spot where the track sanded on the pile of brush and raise their hands and arms haven’t said the great white spirit and taken him. Later, he was captured again. The white folks went to Recapture Jake and somehow they did. Some men were bringing him back to the family and they came to a place where there was a big barn dance being held. They stopped at the dance and tied up their horses and Warper. Some curious boys were watching warper and they untied him some curious boys were watching warper and they untied him. Warper took off like a shot. A man en garde saw him running away and took off after him on horseback. Warper outran the horse for a short distance and would have got away if it had not been for the rope still tied around his neck. The rope flew up and the horsemen called it. He got warper under control and returned with him.


Warper was nine years old when the Indians first captured him. When his own people recaptured him, he was 19 years old. From the time he was first captured by the Indians until the time he was returned to his people, he hadn’t grown an inch. After about three years, he was to his normal size.


Submitted by: Reese Ross

The above information was posted on

I added the photos for reference, and additional information.



Santa Barbara Mission Report

Children that live in California complete a project all about one of the 21 Missions that are line the coast. My son wanted to write his report on Santa Barbara. The report not only includes a written report, but the children have to build a scale model of the Mission, Make a Movie, and a few other options. My son opted for the movie project.

We made the trip to the very lovely Santa Barbara Mission. We had a great family weekend. We took video and lots of photos. We purchased some extra books, and a few souvenirs. One of the souvenirs I purchased for myself was a bell. My son really wanted it. I kept telling him no, no, no. I did buy him a small one, but he really wanted the big one.

Finally, I thought I would make him a deal. If he did all of his paper by himself and got an A, I would give him the bell. We shook on it. A couple days had passed, and I was feeling rather confident that the best he was going to do was a B. He got an A on the paper. The bell is one of his favorite possessions. IMG_2121

Bubble Gum Alley, San Luis Obispo, CA


Too Much Technology?

When my sister was visiting California lately we were connecting with mom, and I put my fingers behind my Mac…like she was really here. I really appreciate that we have the tools we do to connect to people that we once lost touch with all those years ago. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Face Time, Messages, Texting, Face Book, are all other parts of my life, but I am not caught up in them exclusively. I do other things, and I still socialize and interact with other people.

Doesn’t everyone watch tv with their laptop, iPad, or other device? Twitter helps fill the gaps of the commercials. Twitter is fun, and it is a challenge to stay within the 120 characters. These days if I haven’t had an interaction within a prescribed time limit for that time then off to Pinterest. Face Book, has my old friends from High School.

I get it that some people feel addicted to being on the internet all the time. It does consume time. It is more sad to think of the children that are growing up with their parents faces buried in their computer, tablet, or phone. Then again, there has been a time when the parents with the addictive personalities were doing other things. Drugs, alcohol, sex, or various other flaws to the psyche.

As much as people want to point the finger at technology the fact remains…it is up to the operator to realize enough is enough. This device that was once used only for work is now used to keep in touch in everyday possible. I have embraced it for what it is, and have fun with it. IMG_0189