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Anima Issa

When I moved to California I brought only a few things with me. My bike, roller blade, 1 suitcase of clothes, and Anima Issa. My little Maltese was so adorable. I just loved her so much. When she and I lived in Indy, I would often take her with me shopping. When we flew out to California I was allowed to keep her in my lap. Everyday we would go for walks before I went to work we took a walk in Golden Gate Park. In the evening we went for another walk. On the weekend we had more time to spend in the park walking around and skating. I remember one time I had an I. U. sweatshirt and this car full of guys yelled out of their car “You oughta go home little girl, and your little dog too!” I swear it makes me laugh to this day.

One sad time we had in S.F. was when Anima was attacked by a Chow Chow. We were walking out the house, and this huge black Chow Chow came right up to Anima and swung her around in it’s mouth. I kicked the dog for it to let go of Anima. There was blood everywhere. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I yelled for help, and this lady came out of nowhere. She told me to get Anima and jump in her car. I did just that, and we went to the vet by Golden Gate Park. They were not sure she was going to make it. She has a lung punctured and they had to perform surgery. She had a long recovery, but I was allowed to bring her to the museum with me everyday. Logitech Exif JPEG

Once I got married Anima had to get used to having a German Shepard “Emma” as a step sister. The two of them got along, thank goodness. The funniest part of their relationship was when Emma would allow Anima to bark for her. The two of them would bark together by the iron gate, then Anima would run to the front yard. Anima was small enough to fit under the fence, so she would continue the barking up close and personal. Then she would come back and the two of them would sit together.

She was here for both of them kids when they were younger and when we went through the renovation of our home. She got to live a full life. Her name mean “Spirit” in Latin. Issa was the name of Publius’s dog, and his dog was a Maltese. When I read Martial (the Roman poet), and saw the name Issa I knew I had to have a dog with that name. She was a great dog!

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