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“Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg

I honestly don’t understand when women go on a bashing spree of other women. Recently, I read reports about stereotypes and how people react to said stereotypes. When people believe stereotypes about themselves they do poorly in every facet of their career. Most often it is our own barriers that places limits, or believing in those that love to perpetuate stereotypes. When we people learn we are all human…we are all equal. When we all start acting as though we are equals, we will be closer to achieving equality.

The perpetuators of  stereotypes are the worst offenders in my opinion. There is news in someone being a victim. Not all women are victims, there are many strong women out there. When we help each other as opposed to critiquing each other so harshly, we can all learn. Educating other women, and paying it forward is much better than utilizing bitter words against someone that has a desire to help other women move up the corporate latter.

As much as many think that she is only talking to the very wealthy and affluent, that is just a myopic view. If we use that analogy we as women will just continue to be “stuck”. She is not giving the “secret”, that is within yourself. Each of us has to dig into our core, and allow ourselves to take chances make mistakes. Thomas Edison did not think of his experiments as failures, but as attempts towards success.

Let’s all do each other a favor and lift someone up today! Make a stand for yourself, and believe in yourself! We are strong, and we are capable of living our passion. Each and everyone of us! Best Wishes!!!

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