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Cream of Wheat

When I came across this ad for Cream of Wheat, I instantly knew it was a rare one. This one is from a magazine for the early 1900’s. I believe this one is from 1906. When I was young I really liked the Cream of Wheat man. He looked like someone to trust. I don’t know what it was about him, but the commercials even warmed my soul. He was someone I thought would be great to eat my cereal with in the morning. Imagining that he had much wisdom to dispense. Honestly, he was like a breakfast god to me. Frank L. White was his name. IMG_2091

In this depiction we see Frank at a masquerade party, and the woman in the fore ground is the lady he is singing to, the words to the song he sings are below. The music is even a part of the ad. The name of the song is “Among Life’s Treasures”  “Hello my lady are you my baby? Are you my girl so gay? Take off that mask I pray, and I’ll love you always.

Take a look at the people at the party. Check out the scary dude behind him. He appears to be stalking the girl, and he is the only one not talking to someone besides the two stars. Very strange indeed, but oh, so interesting.

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