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Ray Hunter

I don’t know what it is about windows, but I love them. It may be the possibilities that lie on the other side, the opening from home on to the world. I like the architecture of old windows, and there is something about shutters that add the extra dimensions, and then there is the bonus of the awning on the window that really adds a little mystery. Potts filled with flowers to have the essence of life, color, and the fragrance.

Ray’s paintings are unbelievably realistic. The first time viewing of the paintings surprised me. The painting here are watercolors. The execution of a water color with such precision is remarkable. The light, and show on the wall above the window. The tiny flowers, the crumbling stucco, the rough exposed brick. One can almost run a hand across the painting and feel the wall.


If you are interested in learning more about Ray’s work…Waterhouse Gallery

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