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Santa Barbara Mission Report

Children that live in California complete a project all about one of the 21 Missions that are line the coast. My son wanted to write his report on Santa Barbara. The report not only includes a written report, but the children have to build a scale model of the Mission, Make a Movie, and a few other options. My son opted for the movie project.

We made the trip to the very lovely Santa Barbara Mission. We had a great family weekend. We took video and lots of photos. We purchased some extra books, and a few souvenirs. One of the souvenirs I purchased for myself was a bell. My son really wanted it. I kept telling him no, no, no. I did buy him a small one, but he really wanted the big one.

Finally, I thought I would make him a deal. If he did all of his paper by himself and got an A, I would give him the bell. We shook on it. A couple days had passed, and I was feeling rather confident that the best he was going to do was a B. He got an A on the paper. The bell is one of his favorite possessions. IMG_2121

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