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Too Much Technology?

When my sister was visiting California lately we were connecting with mom, and I put my fingers behind my Mac…like she was really here. I really appreciate that we have the tools we do to connect to people that we once lost touch with all those years ago. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Face Time, Messages, Texting, Face Book, are all other parts of my life, but I am not caught up in them exclusively. I do other things, and I still socialize and interact with other people.

Doesn’t everyone watch tv with their laptop, iPad, or other device? Twitter helps fill the gaps of the commercials. Twitter is fun, and it is a challenge to stay within the 120 characters. These days if I haven’t had an interaction within a prescribed time limit for that time then off to Pinterest. Face Book, has my old friends from High School.

I get it that some people feel addicted to being on the internet all the time. It does consume time. It is more sad to think of the children that are growing up with their parents faces buried in their computer, tablet, or phone. Then again, there has been a time when the parents with the addictive personalities were doing other things. Drugs, alcohol, sex, or various other flaws to the psyche.

As much as people want to point the finger at technology the fact remains…it is up to the operator to realize enough is enough. This device that was once used only for work is now used to keep in touch in everyday possible. I have embraced it for what it is, and have fun with it. IMG_0189

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