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Francesco Tammaro

The details in this painting just draw in the viewer. I own two of Tammaro paintings. When I saw this one at Soutwest Gallery it was one that had to be in my dining room. It instills relaxation just viewing it. When I was in college one of my professors would often say “When you buy a ticket to the arts it is your duty to participate in allowing your imagination to be free.” I think about this every time I go to an art gallery, play or even a movie. Freeing your mind from the constraints of your daily life can seem rather daunting for those that are super task oriented. It is important in your growth as a human BEING, and let go of doing, at least for the brief time in the museum, at the play or a movie.

A beautiful park scene from a time long forgotten. A time before cars, when the sound of horses permeated the streets. The sounds of flesh and blood creatures neighing. People dressed well to go to the park. Maybe people knew that everyday was special, and showing the world our better side was more of a reflection of ourselves. It is something we have forgotten these days.

Reading the newspaper, enjoying a cup of coffee on a Sunday afternoon in the park. It looks like a place I would love to be. What about you?IMG_2088

Lenten Season

Hearing the bells toll is a reminder of a simple time. A call to my soul to respond to something bigger than myself. During the Lenten Season a mere 40 days we are called to be hungry for something more. To long for something, and not obtain so much instant gratification. Every Lenten Season is suppose to be about sacrifice. Give up something that you enjoy, and do without that something for 40 days. This year my sacrifice is chocolate, and to make it a little more difficult it is also going to be the year I go without luxury goods. Meaning, if I don’t really NEED it, I am not going to buy it.

What do bells do for your spirit?


The entire time that my sister was visiting us, I felt like an angel was watching over us. The first full day she was here in California we went to St. Mary’s to walk around the campus. Since I got her a camera it was a great time for her to get to know the camera and the settings. I hope it becomes a hobby she enjoys.IMG_0916

My Sister

Usually, Family Friday is all about ancestors, however I wanted to share with the world the love I have for my sister. She is younger, by 13 months. We were different when we were younger. I was a sissy, and she was a tom-boy. She could do anything the boys could do. She played baseball with the boys before it was cool to do so. I was a bat girl, yeah, the one that went to get the bat after the hitter was done.

She was also great at basketball. I did not know until recently where the 3 second lane was, and my sister showed me. LOL! I did not like basketball. I don’t even watch any sports on television and really don’t care too much any of them. Sissy was a great basketball player, and even played point guard. (I think that is what it is called)

We had a great time when she was out here. We had a picnic, watched several movies, read from a journal of our great, great, great aunt, went to the zoo, beach, Mission, shopping, Apple classes, and did dishes. She spent her birthday out here, and had her first Cheesecake Factory cake. They had her carrot cake in it’s own special container. She got a birthday plaque with “Happy Birthday” on it. It was yummy!

I am thankful for her! I love her so much, and am excited about the thought of having her come back to see us sooner rather than waiting another year. IMG_1354

Valentines Day




This is the Valentines Day card I purchased for my husband last week. He thinks I act like Lucy, and seeing this card with a little stand was just perfect. I have a card for each of the children too. No, not a Lucy card…just a little something that fits each one of them. I am going to have to get them some candy since this is the first year I missed “candy grams”. The school my children attend allow parents, or even their friends to purchase candy grams for each other. Each child gets a little card that was prewritten along with a candy bar or some other type of candy. The person that purchases the candy gram is allowed the choice. I screwed up big time. I hope you all have a great Valentines Day!Photo on 2-13-13 at 11.13 PM