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The Animals

Aging is a beast of it’s own. Getting older has lead to more contemplation of deeper aspects of life. How we perceive ourselves, and how we change old thought patterns. In the early years of my development I listened to what people said, look them in the eye to understand what they were saying. Watching their facial cues, and more listening. Spending time alone to think, just being in the moment of where I was at the time.

When I read the book “Where ever I go there I am” had a profound effect on me. I was working at the time at an archives department. It was a job that I did not care for too much, however I was grateful that I had a job. As soon as it was my break, I read my book. After a while I started interacting with my fellow workers. To my surprise, I started to enjoy being there. I knew this wasn’t my dream job, it was a moment in my life that I had to do this job. Making the most of the job at hand made the day go by faster, and I got closer to my fellow workers.

Animals live in the moment that they are given. I was recently reading research that says that dogs pick up on our facial cues. They are more intuitive than once believed. Research also says that paying attention opens more of our mind to learn. Could it be that animals are becoming more intelligent by being around humans, listening, and picking up on our cues?

I am not sure, I do know being around animals has taught me so much. I want to believe they have learned something from us too.


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