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Happy Birthday Bubby

I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have a little brother like Roger. He was the one my sister and I had to make a little tougher. We did not want anyone taking advantage of him for anything. He was so tiny, but the day my mom brought him home we thought he had the biggest head we had ever seen on a human being. The best thing about having a little brother was that we would get his baby clothes for our dolls.

As he grew up, he had to have his blanket with him as he sucked his thumb. He started making mud pies in the side of the yard, and to make sure he shared them we told him and his friend to throw them at the other houses. Then my sister and I would acted shocked that he would do something so horrible. Where would he get such ideas?

We moved to a new neighborhood, and he was tiny compared to other boys his age. He played basketball at Market Square Area. We could not be more proud. Even if none of his socks fit him correctly. The socks came up his tiny legs like stockings instead of tube socks.

As a teenager he brought pieces of cardboard to dance on his head. Him and all his little buddies were break dancing. When I worked as a lifeguard him and his buddies would want in free. The rode their bikes with their pieces of cardboard at their sides. They were pretty cute, and people would gather around and cheer them on as they did their spins.

He had his first baby Shelby when he was still young. I remember how much you could see the love in his eyes as he looked at his baby with so much love and hope for her future. He worked and worked as he lived with 2 other guys that were just as crazy as he was. Every time Shelby would come over he would take her to the park, and let her drive her little car.

Then he met Dawn, and they fell in love. They bought themselves a house, and have three other children. I was at the hospital when Cory, their first baby boy, came into the world. I even was able to babysit before I moved to California. I did not get to meet Chelsey until later, and Cody just a couple of years ago.

I have a super special brother. One that came all the way to New York to help me move all my stuff in a few days. He was even taking antibiotics through an injection when he came to help me. He is a brother that would do anything for me, and I would do the same for him. He has so much to offer! I wish the very best for him on his birthday and everyday.

I love you bubby!!! Things are going to get better!

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