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Joseph William Doyle

Joseph was one of the first ancestors that I started to research while I was high school sophomore. I looked up Doyle, and it means “dark strangers”. I remember then looking up the origins of being a “dark stranger”. The Doyle ancestors were not found too far back in history of Ireland. In 795 AD the Dubhghaill’s (or Doyle ancestors) arrived in Ireland. They came in long boats from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway originally. Since these lands were becoming overpopulated some farmers and fishermen took to the sea. First, they were trying to make a living, and then greed started to bewitch them. They became pirates, and plundered their way around the world. In 795, they made the decision to embark on Lambay Island, they slaughtered the monks, and took all the gold and silver they could find.  The Dubhghaills were a part of Ireland.

So, there we have it…Joseph was Irish, but we heard through the family that he was Native American. He does look it too.

Joseph was born July 2nd 1883 in Brown County, Indiana. By the time he was 16 he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. He was the oldest of 6 children. His father William was from California, and this is the destination that must have been on his mind because he would move there later in life and die in San Bernardino County, CA. 1903 he marries Amber Alice Cook, and 1904 Opaline Esther Doyle is born. We find that Joseph and Amber are still married in 1910. He is now an employer, and contractor. Joseph and Amber are renting, but they are business owners.  In 1917 he was drafted into service for World War I. In 1920 he is single, and living back at home with his mom and dad. He is a contractor, and carpenter. During the year of 1919 Alice is remarried to Mr. Harrington. He works on the railroad. I am not clear where they met or why Joseph was cut out of the picture. Things are looking up for Joseph by 1930. He owns a home that is worth 3500 dollars. He was remarried to Mary F. Burch in Feb. of 1921. 1942 he joins in with the fighting of World War II. After this time I can not find him in any Census,  I believe he goes moves to California at this time. He dies in California  in 1964.

cdbf1825-c39e-4123-a40c-eda6f4fa3f3f-1I don’t believe for a second that these two men are the same person. I think the top one is Joseph, and this one is Mr. Harrington. He was the second husband of Amber Alice Cook.

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  1. He is my Great Grandfather , my Grandmother was Opaline Watson, my Mother was Betty J. Watson. I was given to a cousin of hers at birth, so what you are writing about is all the family history I can rely on. There were always stories, but very little fact. I believe I have a picture of Opaline as a young child. I may have already passed it to my son so that my grandchildren have some sense of past, But if I still have it, I would be glad to share. I have a good idea who my father was, but, don’t think it would be right to say at this time.

    December 19, 2015

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