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Bitter Sweet

As June quickly approaches I am compelled to remember all those moons ago when we went through renovation on the house that we have loved all these years. After we had our daughter we realized that we would need more space for our children to grow, and places to put all those extras that children and husbands accumulate. LOL! We hired an architect, and it took us a while to find the right construction person that we wanted to work with for months on end. Mark Rolandelli was the gentleman that we chose to go with because he really cared about the job. He went under the house and looked around. He saw that we had a little baby, and instead of telling us that it had to be done right away he suggested we wait a little while. We went with his suggestion. One of his quotes that I will never forget was “You can’t wait for me to get here because I am not here, but once I get here you not going to get rid of me fast enough.”

His team was great. They were here at seven am, and left at 4pm. It took 10 months to get the house done. So many memories in this house. I thought this house was going to be our forever home. I think Mark really hit the nail on the head “This is just a house, your family is where ever the family’s love is.” Such wisdom! Logitech Exif JPEG

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